Sergei Sobyanin wished Orthodox Muscovites a Merry Christmas

Sergei Sobyanin wished Orthodox Muscovites a Merry Christmas
The Moscow Mayor wished for everyone to meet this holiday in a circle of loved ones, giving each other moments of joy.

Sergei Sobyanin wished Muscovites a happy Orthodox Christmas. He said this on his Vkontakte account.


The light of Christmas fills the hearts of millions of Orthodox Christians with joy and hopes. On these festive days everyone strives to give their families love and kindness and help those in need of care and attention.

A friendly and warmhearted atmosphere is an inherent part of New Year in Moscow. The city is decorated with the Journey to Christmas festival that offers fairs, workshops, ice ballets, theatrical performances, winter games and street festivities.

In the first three days of 2018, the Journey to Christmas festivalvenues on Tverskaya Street saw 2.7 million people.

This season’s Journey to Christmas festival is dedicated to the world of theatre. The festival kicked off on 22 December and will finish on 14 January. The daily entertainment includes ice ballets and shows, street theatre performances, concerts, interesting masterclasses for children and adults, light installations and traditional winter amusements. And, of course, the most delicious dishes and drinks from restaurants, unique gifts and home decorations.