Christmas Ball on VDNKh ice rink on 7 January

Christmas Ball on VDNKh ice rink on 7 January
Dance teachers dressed in 19th century costumes will teach the guests elegant waltz moves. Ice rink visitors will also enjoy parlour games from the same historical period.

On 7 January, the city’s largest ice rink at VDNKh will turn into a spectacular Christmas venue resembling scenes from vintage postcards. Visitors will take part in a magnificent fancy dress ball and dance waltz, polka, quadrille and tango on skates. Liveried footmen will welcome the guests at the rental booths and offer them velvet masks.

“Traditionally, Christmas means snow, magic, the holiday spirit and a wonderful festival, and it the past the celebrations often included a fancy dress ball. So we chose the waltz from 19th century balls as the main theme for this year’s Christmas festivities at the country’s main ice rink,” commented VDNKh management representative Yulia Davydova.

Five pairs of professional dancers in ballroom costumes, gowns and light fur coats will glide around the ice rink to classical tunes. The waltz will be performed at the top of every hour.

Beginners can take part in waltz classes on the main stage. A dance instructor dressed in a period costume will teach the guests some simple moves.

The festival programme also includes polka, tango and quadrille classes, with parlour games during the intervals.

Father Frost will present a small gift to every kid at the children’s skating rink.

Christmas Ball will take place on 7 January from 5 pm to 10 pm

Admission is 750 roubles for adults and 300 roubles for children.