City residents donate over 2,800 mobile devices during Good Deed project

City residents donate over 2,800 mobile devices during Good Deed project
Smartphones, computers and tablet computers were donated to people who were in need of them but not in a financial position to buy them themselves.

Under the Good Deed project, city residents donated over 2,800 computers, tablet computers, smartphones and other mobile devices and their components to pensioners, families with many children as well as people with disabilities.

“City residents aged 30-45 are most generous, providing needy people with functional mobile devices they no longer need. Commercial companies, also involved in the project, will donate several dozen computers plus other digital equipment up until the end of January,” said Alexei Galyuzhin in charge of the Good Deed project at the Department of Information Technology.

In 2017, city residents donated over 1,200 digital devices, mostly ready-made computers and their components (46 percent), smartphones and mobile phones (15 percent), as well as printers and scanners (12 percent). Three percent donated television sets, with another four percent providing photo cameras. The Good Deed project was launched in late 2014, with city residents collecting 1,600 gifts between 2014-2018. Over 2,800 mobile devices have been donated since the project’s inception.

People wishing to donate functional equipment they don’t need can post requests on the project website and call couriers free of charge. These requests should list mobile device types, contacts as well as courier-arrival deadlines. It is also possible to donate mobile devices at the Smart City pavilion at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh), territorial social services centres, those for assisting families and children and at 20 libraries in southern Moscow. A map shows where all these centres are located.

Socially vulnerable people can also file requests there for receiving the equipment they need. Their requests should state what kind of devices they need and what they are going to use it for.