Ploshchad Gagarina is most popular MCC station

Ploshchad Gagarina is most popular MCC station
Over 10.5 million have used it since the beginning of this year.

Ploshchad Gagarina station has become the most popular with passengers of the Moscow Central Circle this year. Over 10.5 million passengers used it in 2017. The station is popular thanks to the short interchange to Leninsky Prospekt metro station.

“The station is followed by Botanichesky Sad and Baltiyskaya. About 6.7 million used Botanichseky Sad since the beginning of this year and five million – Baltiyskaya,” said Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow and Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

Since the launch of the MCC last year, the daily passenger flow has grown almost twice. This year, almost 420,000 passengers used it every day. Last year it was approximately 200,000. During the entire time of its service, the MCC trains have provided for over 136 million people.

Next year, workers will continue integrating stations with regional railways of the Moscow Transit Hub, Liksutov noted.

“We will also make current interchanges with regional railways more comfortable and more passenger-friendly,” he added.

The MCC was launched last September. Passengers can use 31 stations with 14 interchanges to the metro and six to regional railways. It is possible also to change to catch buses, trolleybuses or trams from every station, too. A special project is dedicated to the circle’s history.