A train with a photo exhibition to run between Moscow and Tula

A train with a photo exhibition to run between Moscow and Tula
The carriages will depict archival photos from the collection of the Museum of Moscow. The theme of the images is railway construction in Russia.

The Central Suburban Passenger Company in association with the Museum of Moscow has launched a themed express train with retro photos. On Thursday, 28 December, the train started speeding along the Moscow-Tula route. It will give passengers an insight into the history of the development of railway transport in Russia. The rolling stock got the name People and Trains: History of Personalities. It is decorated with 30 photos taken between 1904-1966 and looked after by the Museum of Moscow.

The black-and-white images illustrate the progress of the construction of the railway linking Moscow with other Russian cities and towns. They portray Moscow’s central railway terminals in different periods and trains that departed from there in the early and mid-20th century. Images of railway workers from different epochs and of passengers, including celebrities of that time that set off on a trip from Moscow railway stations, are also seen in the carriages of the express train.

“The design of the train features historical stills from the collection of the Museum of Moscow dating back to pre-revolution and Soviet periods. The themed train launch marks the 180th anniversary of the opening of Russia’s first Tsarskoye Selo Railway that took place on 30 October 1837,” said the press service of the Central Suburban Passenger Company.

The passengers’ images include Russia’s first Nobel Prize winner Ivan Pavlov, who was decorated for his medical achievements. In the photo, the scientist is seen walking down one of the Belorussky railway station’s platform escorted by a delegation. There are also touching scenes of mothers saying goodbye to their sons captured on photo by Soviet photographer Georgy Korabelnikov. The series taken in 1955 got the name Seeing Sons Off to the Virgin Lands.

Also worth mentioning during the festive season are that two New Year trains have been put into service on the Moscow Metro. The carriages’ design fits into the city’s New Year design concept. In all, ten named trains were made available for metro passengers to travel in this year. The themes were the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the historical festival Times & Epochs: Collection, the exhibition Russia Focused on the Future, and others too.