Mirror and cubic fir trees, polar lights and illuminated sculptures: parks decorated for New Year

Mirror and cubic fir trees, polar lights and illuminated sculptures: parks decorated for New Year
More than 40 New Year’s trees as well as hundreds of lights and garlands await the masses in Moscow parks.

Preparations for the New Year have ended in the parks under the auspices of the Moscow Department of Culture. Decorative streetlamps, shining garlands, snowflakes, golden stars and fairytale characters figurines adorn the walkways as well as the squares.

More than two dozen parks have been decorated in original ways, including Zaryadye, Gorky Park, Muzeon, Sokolniki, the Hermitage and the Bauman gardens, Pobedy Park on Poklonnaya Gora, Izmailovksy Park and 850-letyia Moskvy (850th Anniversary of Moscow) Park. Babushkinsky, Lianozovsky, Tagansky, Vorontsovsky and Perovsky as well as Severnoye (Northern) Tushino Park, Krasnaya Presnya, Kuzminki and Fili parks have also been adorned.

“Over 40 New Year’s trees from three to 13 metre high have already been decorated in Moscow parks. People will be able to enjoy the diversity of all the decorations. This year, we have used many light elements such as various garlands, lamps, 3D sculptures made with LED lights plus the number 2018 illuminated with golden and silver lights. All decorations, as well as artificial trees, can be used again at festive venues in the future,” a spokesperson in the Mosgorpark’s press service said.

One of the most unusual New Year’s trees, a mirror one, is installed in Gorky Park. The installation weighs 35 tonnes, it is 12 metres high and six metres in diameter. It has two parts: on the outside, the New Year’s tree is made of mirrors, and on the inside, of LED lights. People can go inside the huge installation to enjoy its bright lights.

“Since childhood, we have been told that we must be someone, be independent and resolve all problems on our own. It is true, but on the eve of the New Year we would like to remind people about something else, about how important it is to be a part of a whole: at work, in friendship and in love. Our fir-tree, like the New Year, is a symbol of unity and it is no coincidence that it has two parts. Take one away, and the tree will disappear. This is to show that together we can achieve so much more. And only together we can create something magic, sincere and true,” said Director of Gorky Park Marina Lyulchuk.

The mirror tree is not the only unusual New Year’s decoration in Gorky Park. It also has a light labyrinth made of hundreds of LED lights replicating the silhouette of the number 2018, the emblem of the oncoming year. People can walk this labyrinth and take pictures as well as selfies with gleaming lights in the background. On Pushkinskaya Embankment, people will be able to take photos with a different art installation: a Russian Dressed Herring. There are six displays with the main ingredients of the traditional New Year’s salad. The large “layer” screens are positioned to create a whole composition.

In the Muzeon Park on Krymskaya Embankment, there is an installation titled Getting Warm portraying a wooden man hugging a big shining stone. According to the artist, Alexei Martins, this sculpture represents human’s craving for warmth and light. People can also hug the installation to get positive vibes for the next year or at least to take another amazing picture. The wooden terraces not far from the installation have gleaming silhouettes of gingerbread men. Each of them is between1.3 to 1.9 metres high so that people can get inside and become a fairytale character.

Sokolniki Park has also been decorated for the holiday season. There are two cubic eight-metre-high fir trees at the main entrance, they shine and gleam with colourful lights in time to the music being played in the park and inside the archways, there are gleaming two-metre-high snowflakes, while the ticket offices’ roofs have figurines of deer, another emblem of the New Year.

However, the most original installation in Sokolniki is placed in the main walkway. It is called the Northern Lights. Wooden archways here have 220 shining rings measuring of various diameters as well as over a thousand strobe lights plus 500 LED tubes. The total length of the construction is 100 metres. All the lights are synchronised to create an illusion of the northern lights.

Another park in the east of Moscow, Perovsky, has three New Year’s trees decorated with large red baubles. Two of them are 12 metres high and the third is six metres high. Many paths, roads as well as trees are entangled up with LED strips. In total, over 500 metres of strips and garlands were used to decorate the area.

The park also has shining figurines of snowmen, a she-bear with cubs, deer and a fox. In addition to all this, the streetlights in the main walkway have been decorated with 15 bright season’s greetings, wishing everyone love, luck and success in the New Year.

Pobedy Park on Poklonnaya Gora has also been brightly decorated. For example, there are over 40 ice figures there: each one is dedicated to one of the national teams participating in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. People can see an ice statue of Sherlock Holmes, Baron Muenchhausen and Karlsson-on-the-Roof, as well as undersized sculptures of world-famous landmarks. Every sculpture is between three and six metres high. In the centre of the venue, there is a 12-metre-high ice copy of the Moscow Kremlin with five towers.

In addition, dancing couples made with hundreds of LED lights have been installed in Pobedy Park for New Year. Four of them are five metres high whereas the others are a bit lower, 3.5 metres.

People will be able to see in the New Year in any of the decorated parks. The Moscow Department of Culture has prepared a festive New Year’s programme in 22 city parks. There will be celebrations for the New Year in Gorky, Tagansky and Izmailovsky parks, as well as the Hermitage Garden, Pobedy Park on Poklonnaya Gora and others.