New Year: how public transport will run

New Year: how public transport will run
On New Year’s Eve, the Moscow Metro, Moscow Central Circle and 59 surface transit routes will be operating round the clock. On the same night, commuter trains will be operating till 2 am. They will also run like at the weekends. Between 31 December and 8 January, parking on Moscow streets will be free.

During the New Year celebrations, people in Moscow will be able to enjoy numerous festive events, concerts and various performances. This year, Journey to Christmas, one of the most outstanding and eventful festivals of the year, which is held in Moscow between 22 December and 14 January, is dedicated to the theatre. There will be 240 interactive programmes, 480 performances by street theatres, plus 1680 workshops for children as well as adults. In order not to miss anything of interest, Muscovites can use surface transport. By the way, during the public holidays, its timetable will change to meet the needs of people in the city. To find out more about the timetable changes, read this article.

Metro and MCC to operate round the clock on New Year’s Eve

For the second year in a row, the Moscow Metro and Moscow Central Circle (MCC) will be operating round the clock on New Year’s Eve. The train interval time will be 3.5 to 15 minutes. People in the city will be able to get to festival venues located in any part of the city comfortably, enjoy the most interesting performances and then return back home. On Christmas Eve, the night of 6-7 January, the Moscow Metro and MCC will operate till 2 am.


59 twenty-four-hour surface transit routes will be available

The city’s 168 most popular surface transit routes will continue operating on New Year’s Eve. Buses, trolleybuses and trams on 98 routes will operate till 3.30 am, while 59 more routes will continue to operate round the clock.

On Christmas Eve, buses, trolleybuses and trams on 163 routes will be operating till 3 am. Moreover, 11 night surface transit routes will continue to operate according to their schedule both on New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve.

During the public holidays, the interval between surface transits will be 25 to 30 minutes. To monitor changes in schedules of certain surface transit routes, visit the Mosgortrans official website.

Commuter trains to run according to weekend schedules while the Aeroexpress trains’ schedule remains unchanged

From 29 December to 8 January, commuter trains will run on a different schedule. On New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve, the trains will run till 2 am.

On 29 December, commuter trains will run like a Friday schedule, between 30 December and 7 January – like a Saturday schedule, and on 8 January – like a Sunday schedule. The commuter trains will start running according to their usual schedule on 9 January. Moreover, due to the decrease in the passenger flow on a number of routes, 24 trains of the Central Suburban Passenger Company will not be running at all, while 15 more suburban trains will run later at night on 1 and 7 January.

To see the detailed public holiday schedule, visit the official website of the Central Suburban Passenger Company. During the days off, Aeroexpress trains will continue operating according to their usual schedule. To see the schedule, visit the Aeroexpress company’s official website.

Between 31 December to 8 January, parking will be mostly free in Moscow. Any car park within the city’s parking zone will be open, while ground-level car parks will charge as usual. There are about 80 such car parks in Moscow, and they are open 24/7, including during the weekends and public holidays. How much to pay and how to do it are listed near the car park entrances.

The Moscow Road Police and Parking Administration will be closely monitoring the parking. Drivers will be able to leave their cars only in designated parking areas to make sure they are not interfering with other drivers or endangering pedestrians.

Traffic closed off for a short while due to festivities

Traffic on central Moscow streets will be closed off due to large-scale festivities. From 29 December, the city will close off two side lanes in both directions on Tverskaya Street (the section between Okhotny Ryad to the intersection of Tverskaya Street and Garden Ring) and one more lane on Okhotny Ryad from the side of the Moskva hotel to Teatralny Proyezd. From midnight on 30 December to 3 pm on 3 January, Tverskaya Street (section from Okhotny Ryad to Garden Ring), plus Mokhovaya Street, Okhotny Ryad and Teatralny Proyezd will become pedestrianised.

Security to be enforced on public transport

Over 92,000 workers from the Moscow transport complex, such as the Moscow Department for Transport, the Moscow Metro, Road Traffic Management Centre and Parking Administration, will be responsible for public transport operations in the city. During the public holidays, security will be enforced on every kind of public transport – in the metro, on the MCC, at bus stops, ground transit as well as commuter trains. Every vehicle will be closely inspected at the start of its journey. Moreover, there will be more luggage inspections and security checks, platform inspections, bus stops, and pedestrian underpasses. The city will also start checking for unattended and suspicious items left in buses, trolleybuses and trams more often.