New Year train launched on metro’s Circle Line

New Year train launched on metro’s Circle Line
Passengers will learn new facts about Moscow New Year’s traditions, the first fireworks plus Christmas masks.

A new themed train, Journey to Christmas, has been launched on the Moscow Metro’s Circle Line. Its theme is the coming New Year holidays and the Moscow festival with the same name, which will take place between 22 December – 14 January.

On the outside of each of the five carriages there are snow-covered birches with New Year’s decorations and bullfinches. There also are numbers and words such as 2018, Journey to Christmas, 22 December – 14 January and hashtag #Moscow seasons written on it.

“The colourful designs of the Journey to Christmas train will certainly put all passengers in a festive mood,” said Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy and Property.and Land Relations

She added that the carriages were decorated with over 100 archival photos. Passengers will learn about winter holiday traditions in Moscow as well as the history of their city. For example, where the first New Year fireworks were launched in Moscow, where people bought Christmas masks in the 19th century and where they skated. Passengers will also be able to read about the evolution of skates starting from the mid-18th century and what impression traditional Russian entertainment such as sliding made on foreigners.

“During the last months, we have had many requests from passengers who were waiting for a New Year’s train. We are launching the first one to day. We expect that it will carry over half a million passengers during the  month,” said Head of the Moscow Metro Viktor Kozlovsky.

The new train marks an anniversary: it is the tenth themed train launched this year. The previous ones were dedicated to the forthcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia Focused on the Future exhibition and other events too.

The project has been implemented together with the Department of Trade and Services.

Another two themed trains will be launched on New Year’s Eve.

The first train dedicated to the main winter holiday ran in the Moscow Metro last December. It was decorated with images of bullfinches, snowflakes and also fir tree branches.

The Journey to Christmas festival will be held for the fifth time. This year, the theme will be theatre. There will be 83 festival venues. Between 22 December and 14 January, festival-goers will see ice ballets and light installations as well as street actors’ performances, concerts, and workshops. There will also be traditional winter entertainments to take part in. They will be able to buy souvenirs, decorations plus food and drinks from Moscow caterers at Christmas chalets.