Fireworks at 36 Moscow locations

Fireworks at 36 Moscow locations
All administrative areas will have spectacular fireworks displays in the early hours of 1 January.

When the clock strikes 12 at midnight 1 January, the first glowing figures, multi-coloured bouquets and palm-trees will bloom out of the night skies over Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Gora and on Moskvoretskaya Street. These fireworks will be followed by others at 1 am. In all, the plan is to launch hundreds of thousands of fireworks at 36 different places throughout the city’s 12 administrative areas.

A fireworks display will decorate the sky over Gorky Park, near Moskvoretsky Bridge and in the Hermitage Garden in central Moscow. In all, seven sites have been prepared in the Central Administrative Area for this purpose. There are plans to launch fireworks from five locations in northeastern Moscow, including Novgorodskaya Street in the Lianozovo District, at a monument to Soviet scientist Mstislav Keldysh on Alleya Kosmonavtov near VDNKh metro station. People in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas will be able to watch fireworks displays in the 1st residential area of Moskovsky town and in the Tsentralny residential area of LMS (Meadow Reclamation Station) town. People in Zelenograd will be treated to  displays on Ozyornaya Alleya. Dazzling fireworks , including sparkling spheres, golden-ribbon flowers, golden and twinkling peony flowers, plus palm-trees, are stipulated at all 36 places.

The city is to launch festive fireworks displays at 1 am, with the onset of New Year (1 January) in every Russian time zone between Kamchatka and Kaliningrad.

In early December, users of the Active Citizen website voted for the programme of New Year celebrations in 20 city parks, including Gorky Park, Muzeon Park of Arts, Hermitage Garden, the Tagansky, Izmailovsky, Perovsky and Lianozovosky parks. The two-stage voting process New Year Celebrations in Parks involved over 170,000 people during each stage. Most respondents (an average of 28.83 percent) preferred fireworks displays in parks, with the rest requesting concerts.

The special project provides some tips for New Year celebrations in the capital


Where to watch fireworks displays on New Year’s night

Central Administrative Area

-     Tagansky Park (40-42 Taganskaya Street)

-     Hermitage Garden (3 Karetny Ryad Street)

-     Krasnaya Presnya Park (5 Mantulinskaya Street)

-     Gorky Park (2 Krymsky Val Street)

-     Bauman Garden (15 Staraya Basmannya Street)

-     Yekaterininsky Park (27 Bolshaya Yekaterininskya Street)

-     Moskvoretsky Bridge (Moskvoretskya Street, near Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge)

Northeastern Administrative Area

-     Babushkinsky Park (6 Menzhinskogo Street, Bldg. 3)

-     Lianozovsky Park (13 Uglichskaya Street)

-     Goncharovsky Park (7 Rustaveli Street)

-     VDNKh (Alleya Kosmonavtov, near the Mstislav Keldysh monument)

-     Lianozovsky Park  (38 Novgorodskaya Street)

Eastern Administrative Area

-     Izmailovsky Park (7 Alleya Bolshogo Kruga)

-     Sirenevy Garden (8-12 Shcholkovskoye Motorway)

-     Sokolniki Park (Mitkovsky Proyezd)

-     Perovsky Park (7 Lazo Street)

-     Bauman Townlet (Izmailovsky Island)

Western Administrative Area

-     50t-h letiya Oktybrya Park (22 Udaltsova Street)

-     Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Gora (7 Fonchenko Brothers Street)

-     Novo-Peredelkino District (18 Fedosyino Street)

-     Vnukovo Town (6 Bolshaya Vnukovskaya Street)

Southern Administrative Area

-     Sadovniki Park (58A Prospekt Andropova)

-     Brateyevsky Park (25 Borisovskiye Prudy Street)

-     Tsaritsyno State Museum-Reserve (1 Dolskaya Street)

Southeastern Administrative Area

-     850-letiya Moskvy Park (9-17 Porechnaya Street)

-     Kuzminki Park (1, Bldg.2)

-     Kuzminki Park (3 Zarechye Street)

-     Pechatniki Park (4 Kukhmistrova Street)

Southwestern Administrative Area

-     Vorontsovsky Park ( 8)

-     Severnoye Butovo (11 Znamenskiye Sadki Street)

Northwestern Administrative Area

-     Severnoye Tushino Park (50-70 Svobody Street)

-     Mitino Landscape Park (5 Roslovka Street)

Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative Areas

-     Moskovsky Town (Moskovsky Sport Centre)

-     Voronovskoye Rural District (LMS town, 16 Tsentralny residential area)

Northern Administrative areas

-     Druzhby Park (Festivalniye Prudy)

Zelenograd Administrative Area

-     Zelenograd (4 Ozyronaya Alleya, Bldg. 2)