Moscow extends the range of guaranteed medical services

Moscow extends the range of guaranteed medical services
The city will double the number of free examinations for hereditary and congenital diseases, create a new incentive system for hospitals providing medical care for pregnant women, and also make high-tech medical care for patients diagnosed with cancer more affordable.

Moscow has recently adopted the new territorial programme of state guarantees for free provision of medical care for the year 2018 and the 2019-2020 planning period.

This document determines the types, forms and conditions of providing free medical care, and also establishes a certain timeframe for providing medical assistance, conducting diagnostic examinations and providing citizens with professional medical advice.

The planned 2018 funding of free medical care has reached an unprecedented level of 362 billion roubles. That is 16 percent more than allocated this year and 1.5 times more than in 2011.

High-tech medical care

High-tech medical care will see the most significant increase in funding – by 25 percent. For instance, Muscovites diagnosed with cancer will be able to receive free radiation therapy not only in city hospitals, but also in 10 federal and two private medical centres.

Medical assistance for pregnant women and children

Providing medical assistance to pregnant women and children remains one of the city’s priorities. Moscow is now creating a complex medical aid system for women, which includes outpatient care facilities, multidisciplinary inpatient facilities and maternity hospitals. The new system will allow for monitoring the entire course of pregnancy, starting from the first visit to prenatal care to giving birth.

In 2018, hospitals will receive another incentive to take great care of future mothers. If a woman chooses a certain organisation to oversee the course of her pregnancy and also chooses a maternity hospital from this organisation’s structure, after the successful birth the city will allocate additional funds to this medical organisation for providing the patient with complex medical care.

Moreover, in 2018, the number of free examinations for hereditary and congenital diseases conducted within the framework of compulsory neonatal screening will double. Previously, federal legislation provided for screening for five diseases of this kind, but now the screening will include examination for 10 diseases.

Next year, the city will also introduce another new service: Muscovites will be able to apply for a mandatory medical insurance policy online.