Electronic Troika bracelets now on sale at another ten metro stations

Electronic Troika bracelets now on sale at another ten metro stations
Bracelets are now available in new shades. The “her” bracelet comes in no less than 15 colours, while the “his” comes in seven colours.

The Moscow Metro has opened additional points selling bracelets embedded with Troika card chips plus new colours have been added. Before this, the bracelets were only available in three places: souvenir shops at Mayakovskaya and Trubnaya stations and the Live Help desk at Pushkinskaya. Now bracelets are available in souvenir shops at another 10 information desks. In addition to this, the “her” bracelets now come in 15 colours, while “his” comes in seven. The new bracelets are already on sale.

“Before this, “her” bracelets came in nine colours: red, green, blue, yellow, pink, light green, black, orange and light blue, and “his”, which are larger in size, came in two: red and black. Now you can also buy white, violet, black, brown, beige and dark grey “her” bracelets as well as light green, orange, brown, blue and dark grey “his” bracelets,” said Roman Latypov, First Deputy Director for Strategic Development and Client Relations.

Live Help desks with souvenir shops are  at 11 stations:

Ploshchad Revolyutsii



Paveletskaya (Line 2)

Arbatskaya (Line 3)

Kievskaya (Line 3)

Komsomolskaya (Line 5)

Belorusskaya (Line 5)

Park Kultury (Line 5)

Kitai-Gorod (Line 6)

Sretensky Boulevard

The Moscow Metro has already sold over 21,000 keyrings and bracelets with embedded Troika card microchips. Keyrings have been on sale since last year, and rings and bracelets since October. Keyrings are still the most popular thing: over 19,000 have been sold since the beginning of the year.

Passengers can pay for their travel with these souvenirs everywhere where Troika cards work: in the metro, on the Moscow Central Circle and when taking surface transport. Using the keyrings with embedded Troika card microchips and Strelka card, passengers can pay for their travel on all kinds of transport in the Moscow Region too and also use them to buy one-time tickets or multi-passes for the regional trains. These keyrings are available in all the souvenir shops at Live Help desks and souvenir shops at Mayakovskaya and Trubnaya stations.

The Troika chip embedded in the souvenir can be topped up at any metro ticket office. Other ways to transfer money to the card are via Moscow Metro app or through the online service on the mos.ru site.