Heart of Russia train to run on the London Underground

Heart of Russia train to run on the London Underground
The Moscow Metro will launch a theme train on science and education in the United Kingdom before the year is out.

On 25 October, the London Underground (The Tube) will launch a themed train, the Heart of Russia, for the overlapping Year of Science and Education in Russia and the United Kingdom. Train passengers will be able to learn about the most famous Soviet-era and Russian achievements.

“The train will have seven carriages, each carriage concentrating on a separate subject, including ballet, graphic arts, literature, cinema, architecture, space exploration and science. This is the most ambitious project ever involving two of the largest metro systems in the world. The train will show that our countries have many things in common, that we have a lot to share and learn from one another. We hope that The Tube’s passengers will like the Heart of Russia project, and that it will allow everyone to get to know the our country’s history and culture better,” said Deputy Mayor and Head of the City Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov.

The Moscow Metro will also launch its own themed train on UK science and education before the year is out, Mr Liksutov added.

This will be the second thematic train to acquaint passengers with the United Kingdom, Mr Liksutov noted.

In May last year, a theme train called Shakespearean Passions entered service for the Year of Language and Literature in Russia and the United Kingdom. It ran on the metro’s light blue Filyovskaya (No 4) Line, and it later changed to the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya (No 3) Line. The train carried over 5 million passengers after it was launched.

It has become a tradition for the Moscow Metro to run themed trains. Launched on the Circle (No 5) Line 24 August, the 23rd thematic train is dedicated to Moscow’s 870th anniversary. Its carriages are wrapped with portraits of famous scientists, inventors, doctors, athletes, cultural figures and artists whose life was inextricably linked with the capital. The train was decorated in line with festival themes, including Moscow Explores, Moscow Creates, Moscow Builds, Moscow Sets Records, Moscow Invents, Moscow Discovers, Our Victories and Moscow on Newspaper Pages.