Over 350 free events to take place in Moscow on Arts Night

Over 350 free events to take place in Moscow on Arts Night
On November 4, people in Moscow will be able to see dance performances at railway stations, talk to famous actors and actresses plus take part in various shows.

The annual Arts Night event will take place on 4 November. On that day people in Moscow will be able to choose from over 350 free events.

Theatre performances and concerts, meetings with famous Muscovites, lectures, discussions, exhibitions, workshops as well as other shows will take place at 170 venues situated in different parts of the city.

“The words “Art Unites”, which have become the slogan for the Arts Night, in fact, have a very deep and important meaning. Art is the universal value that can unite everyone despite all our  differences: from two people with the same mind to the largest cities in the world. More than 350 events are planned at 170 venues in Moscow: theatres, museums, libraries and cultural centres. However, the special programmes will take place in public transport and venues, which, at first sight, do not seem connected with art, thus showing its unique ability to fill any space with creative energy. I invite everybody to Arts Night and ask everyone to play an active part in this big creative event,” said Head of the Department of Culture Alexander Kibovsky. bbb

Museums, exhibition halls, theatres, libraries together with parks will be open until midnight on 4 November. Plans plus registration will be available on the Arts Night website as of 25 October.

Arts Night at Moscow railway stations

On the night of 4 November three city’s railway stations namely Paveletsky, Yaroslavsky and Kazansky, will premiere a dance performance of “Black Coat” based on the story by Lyudmila Petrushevskaya. It was staged by artist and director Fyodor Pavlov-Andreyevich and several-times winner of the Golden Mask Award Dina Khusein specially for Arts Night.

“Five performers will take part. As the story goes, the protagonists have arrived in Moscow from different Russian regions and other countries. They meet at the railway station and try to find a common language,” the spokesperson at the Department of Culture said.

The waiting rooms at Yaroslavsky, Kazansky, Kievsky and Paveletsky railway stations will be turned into concert venues. Passengers will be able to listen to concerts performed by various artists. For example, St Petersburg electronic project Oligarkh, which mixes Russian folk music with hip hop, will play at Kievsky railway station, and Tarusa Chamber Orchestra will perform at Paveletsky railway station. Classical music lovers will be treated to works by Shostakovich and Schnittke played by violinist Roman Mints at Yaroslavsky railway station. Composer and pianist Kirill Richter will play his own compositions at Kazansky railway station.

“Night meetings” with famous Muscovites and discussion cycle “Three to one”

The ZIL Cultural Centre, the Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve and the Documentary Cinema Centre will host meetings with famous Muscovites, who once came to “conquer” Moscow and became successful here. For example, everyone will be able to talk to famous actress and director Yulia Aug at the ZIL Cultural Centre. She will discuss her relationship with the city as well as how Moscow has changed since she first set eyes on it.

A series of meetings where specialists will speak about the lives of famous Muscovites will be held at the Museum of Moscow’s lecture hall. Cinema reviewer Nikita Kartsev will present the biography of director and screenwriter Gennady Shpalikov, and curator of the Russian Avant-Garde Encyclopedia Alexander Kremer will speak about the story of avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich. Journalist and literary critic Anna Narinskaya will talk about writer Vasily Aksyonov. Alexei Ginzburg will share his memories of his grandfather, architect Moisei Ginzburg. Playwright Valery Pecheykin will discuss some interesting facts concerning the life and work of composer Dmitri Shostakovich.

At the same time, discussions held as part of the “Three to one” cycle will take part at the lecture hall. Artists, journalists, architects together with designers will discuss the connection between various types of art and the city history with festival goers.

Modern Arts Night: Video-art, free dance and performances

On 4 November, connoisseurs of modern art will enjoy performances and visual shows at the Theatre of the Nations’ New Space. The Sci-Fi Music programme will begin with an audiovisual show called “Discretisation” produced by the Stain Studio. During the performance, the audience will see how music can create colourful visual images in real time. After that, there’ll  be live electronic music titled “Mantra” from Alexander Belousov, curator of the Electrostatic programme, and Oleg Makarov from the Cyberorchestra, Moscow laptop orchestra.

Workshop Modern Dance Centre at Belorusskaya station has prepared two 45-minute-long dance shows: free dance practice and the Challenge Jam performance: during the shows, participants will be divided into “audience” and “dancers”. “Dancers” will repeat the movements of the professionals, and then change places with the “audience.”

Arts Night at museums

Creative meetings, performances and exhibitions will take place at Moscow museums, too. For example, cosmonauts Yury Romanenko and Alexander Laveykin will speak about their joint mission to the Orbital Station Mir at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics. Paustovsky Museum visitors will be able to participate in the Imaginary Meetings performance, where they will be told a fictional biography about Konstantin Paustovsky.

“A retrospective concert of Russian classical music “19th Century: Russian Composers” with young musical stars will take place at the Scriabin Memorial Museum on Arts Night. At the Museum of Moscow there’ll be the “Walking Performance around Gostiny Dvor” based on stories from the time of the 1917 October Revolution, as well as thematic tours on medieval, industrial and artistic Moscow. There will also be a “silent party”, where people will dance using headphones, listening to DJ-sets by actress Irina Gorbachyova,” the spokesperson at the Department of Culture added.

The full list of events planned for Arts Night, as well as times and places, will be available on the event’s official website mos.ru/en/artnight.

The Arts Night festival has taken place in Moscow since 2013. On this day, many free events are organised at Moscow museums, exhibition halls, theatres, libraries plus parks: all of them will stay open until midnight. Arts Night enthusiasts have been taking part in various workshops and open classes held by leading Moscow creative studios together with schools. They also learned the basics of acting techniques, calligraphy, modern dance and many other things too.