Kozhukhovskaya Line section may launch service in May 2018

Kozhukhovskaya Line section may launch service in May 2018
The entire metro line will open for passengers by the end of next year.

The section of the metro’s Kozhukhovskaya Line between Nekrasovka and Kosino may open for passengers in May 2018, said Marat Khusnullin, Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and Construction.

“We are studying the technical potential of launching the Nekrasovka–Kosino section sooner, so as to get it running for passengers,” the Deputy Mayor said.

He said that the southern section of the line is almost finished, but the absence of connecting tracks makes it technically challenging to deliver trains there. If it works, the section will open ahead of schedule. “We are aiming at 2018 by all means, and as for the months when passengers will be able to ride it, that will be clear when we finish the construction and assembly operations and proceed to the start-up and commissioning phase,” Mr Khusnullin said.

Currently, about 3,500 workmen are involved in build the Kozhukhovskaya Line. Another 1,000 will be sent to the challenging areas in the near future, and the work will continue round the clock. 

A new construction method is being used there. Trains will run in both directions in one tunnel, and the stations will be located at a shallow depth. This has made it possible to increase the construction speed and reduce the cost.

The Kozhukhovskaya Line will be over 17 kilometres long. It will stretch from the Nekrasovka District across the Kosino-Ukhtomsky, Nizhegorodsky, Vykhino, Zhulebino and Ryazansky districts and provide interchanges to the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Line and the Third Interchange Circuit (TIC). There are plans to launch the TIC section between the Aviamotornaya and Lefortovo stations the same year as the Kozhukhovskaya Line.

“Operating the Kozhukhovskaya Line is only possible with this TIC section. The design of the line provides for trains running along the Kozhukhovskaya Line to the Aviamotornaya  station, make a U-turn and head back to Nekrasovka,”  Mr Khusnullin said.

He stressed that the work is progressing fast, but the construction team is facing a difficult task. The pit being built near the Nizhegorodskaya transit hub is meant for five tunnels: depot tracks, reverse tracks, the Kozhukhovskaya Line and the TIC. Two new chambers for future construction will also be laid down there.

After the Nizhegorodskaya transit hub starts fully operating, it will serve up to 90,000 passengers an hour.