Interactive walls, cyber capsules and Wi-Fi lampposts: Digital Business Space opens in Moscow

Interactive walls, cyber capsules and Wi-Fi lampposts: Digital Business Space opens in Moscow
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Yevgeny Samarin
Digital columns with navigation, an interactive media wall, smart tables and capsules for working and resting can be found inside the building. The territory around the centre is illuminated with LED lampposts fitted with Wi-Fi.

The renovated Moscow Central House of Entrepreneurs has opened its doors. After reconstruction work it was renamed into Digital Business Space (DBS). The new name emphasises both the innovative nature of structures inside the building and its focus on supporting and developing entrepreneurship as well as  other related creative industries.

“We have an extensive network for providing support to businesses in service centres, and a large number of techno parks and co-working spaces. However, we never had a central platform like this before. Of course, Moscow needed this kind of a docking platform, where one is able to see everything that is being done in the city, what kind of innovative structure the city has, what kind of support measures it provides, what kind of system for searching for businesses and partners it has, ultimately, to see what people think about Moscow and business here in the city. This is why we made this platform the way it is: to be able to demonstrate new technology and information solutions. I believe that it will be in demand,” Sergey Sobyanin said.

Entrepreneurs shared their first impressions of the new platform with the Moscow Mayor, and discussed the effectiveness of business support measures provided by the Moscow government as well.

“We have created a whole support system. This includes techno parks, technopolises, industrial parks as well as investment contracts aimed at industrial enterprise development. All these support measures, all these platforms and spaces are aimed at supporting not just some abstract industry, but an industry that could create quality jobs with decent salaries,” Sergey Sobyanin said.

Not so very long ago there was a shortage of commercial premises in the city, the mayor pointed out. It took five to seven years to change that situation around, and business started coming back to Moscow.

Sergey Sobyanin also added that entrepreneurs are in need of centres for collective use opened in techno parks or industrial enterprises. At these centres, people can bring their prototypes, test them, order necessary parts and create samples of their products.

“And today, when you enter the platform of Moscow innovation agency, you can see this entire infrastructure, choose the segment which interests you, the exact centre of collective use that has all the necessary machines and equipment, as well as  find colleagues that create similar products,” the Moscow Mayor said.

Recently a regulation was adopted that provides for compensation for the cost of utility connections, the Moscow Mayor stressed. Moreover, this year the city introduced a new special day: Moscow Industry Day. “In reality, there are over 600,000 people employed in Moscow’s industrial sector. It is a powerful force. So, of course, it deserves a new special day , during which people will be able to not only talk to each other, but raise before the authorities issues that concern every Moscow entrepreneur,” Sergey Sobyanin said.

Media screen façade, smart tables and capsules for resting

In October, major repairs were completed inside the building of 6,600 square metres at 47 Pokrovka Street. A façade made from light transmitting concrete with three media screens became the main feature of the renovated building.

The territory around the business space has been improved. It is now illuminated with multifunctional lamp posts fitted with Wi-Fi and charging stations. An automatic Scooter Sharing rental station can be found there as well.

On the ground floor of the Digital Business Space the registration zone can be found. There, visitors register themselves in the system using touch panels. The system automatically records the information into a special register, suggests making an instant photo and prints a plastic name tag. The information is uploaded into a database for selecting participants for various events and is then displayed on the screen in the registration zone, while the visitor receives an SMS message that informs him or her about the possibility of setting up meetings with other visitors. Digital columns with navigation and other useful information can be found here too.

On the first floor visitors can find a conference hall with 640 seats with a 15.8 x 8.6 m LED screen and a smaller hall with 80 seats. Moreover, there is also a seamless interactive 12.1 x 2.7 m high resolution media wall powered by a supercomputer. This system allows several users at once to freely exchange and work with data using just one screen – to make changes, compare lots of data plus create content collectively.

On the first floor there is also a co-working space with 70 seats, equipped with a soundproof booth for Internet calls and Skype conferences together with smart tables equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers, USB ports, wireless chargers and induction heating plates for drinks. In the co-working zone visitors can find micro lift tables for disabled people, a cyber capsule for working and a capsule for resting. The latter is a closed personal space of two square metres, where special sounds, colours as well as a spinning top allow visitors to relax.

During the creation of the Digital Business Space the city used innovative Russian products, such as:

— LED park lampposts with Wi-Fi;

— network of automatic scooter rental stations;

— Powell wireless charging station;

— light transmitting concrete;

— smart tables;

— cybercapsule for working;

— capsule for resting.

For businesspeople and schoolchildren

The renovated building is planning to host all kinds of events (including forums) in the sphere of innovation and technology for rookie and experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists as well as  potential clients interested in information solutions.

Students and schoolchildren will become interested in educational and intellectual events aimed at developing the potential of human resources in the sphere of high technology with the participation of speakers as well as international experts.

The city is now planning to open a techno park for children in the Digital Business Centre.