Shops, pharmacies and coffee shops to open on the territory of six transit hubs

Shops, pharmacies and coffee shops to open on the territory of six transit hubs
Investors have the option of renting multiple retail spaces at once at different stations.

Retail space in Moscow’s transit hubs has been put up for auction. Prospective leaseholders will be able to compete for one of four lots, each of which will include from four to six rooms.

This retail space is located on the territory of the City, Varshavskoye Motorway, Novokhokhlovskaya, Izmailovsky Park, Volokolamskaya and Khodynka transit hubs. The lots for rent were grouped according to their intended use. Thus, one of the lots includes six rooms designed for pharmacies; the other includes four rooms for mini-markets, while a third one includes six rooms for multifunctional personal service centres. Four more rooms were designed for accommodating coffee shops. The lease agreements have a maximum duration of either five or eight years.

The new shops will increase the comfort level of the Moscow Central Circle passengers, says Yulia Derevyanko, leading analyst at the Moscow Circular Railroad. “Muscovites and guests of the city will now be able to use personal service centres, buy groceries, fresh pastries and coffee on the go. Retail space will be properly organised and will have the same signature design. Moreover, including several rooms in one lot provides us an opportunity to conclude package deals, and this means our leases will adhere to a common leasing concept, which allows us to work according to a single system of rules,” Derevyanko said.

About two dozen more lots will soon be put up for auction as well. These lots will include rooms designed for accommodating shops specializing in manufactured and seasonal products, accessories, print media, multimedia, as well as food courts, mobile operators’ service centres and many others. In order to organise the trade infrastructure in Moscow Central Circle transit hubs, a total of over 3,000 square metres will be assigned for retail.

The first auctions will be held on 14 November. The deadline for submitting applications is 7 November. To learn more about tender conditions visit Moscow’s investment website.