Stereorink to open in Gorky Park this winter

Stereorink to open in Gorky Park this winter
Pavilions and ice rink buildings will be covered with stereo images showing the illusion of moving waves. A dynamically lit cube will be the central element of the rink.

The stereo space, light installations and optical illusion will be the main theme of the decorations in Gorky Park this year. The food court, skate rental and cloakrooms will be adorned with curving lines of blue and white. The picture will become alive and pulse, thus creating the illusion of moving waves. A 10-metre-high dynamically lit cube will be erected in place of the central fountain, and one of the walking roads will be transformed into a light tunnel.

“This season, we will rediscover the concept of “stereo.” The stereo in Gorky Park is light, colour, sound, space, perspective and harmony. Our rink is more than a rink, it is a stereo magnet, a place with energy that you’d want to visit again,” said Marina Lyulchuk, director of the park.

The operating hours will be extended: the rink will be open until midnight. There will be six terminals to allow skaters to go straight onto the rink without having to wait in queues by scanning the e-ticket number or the QR code from a printed copy of the screen of a mobile device.

The rink will have six pavilions, 20 restaurants, and for the first time, the children’s rink will have a separate cloakroom with a recreation zone, a rental desk and a café.

Neon ice skaters and a dynamically lit cube

Immersion in stereo-reality will start at the main entrance to the park. The arch will be decorated with silhouettes of ice skating couples during a lift. There will be several of them, and they will illuminate in turn, creating an animation effect. Visitors will believe that the couples are constantly moving.

A 10-metre-high dynamically lit cube will be the central element of the rink. It will be installed on Fountain Square. About 15 km of LED strip will be used to build it. Several smaller cubes will be placed inside the biggest one, like a matryoshka.

At night the edges of the geometric forms will gleam with various colours, creating a rhythmic picture and optical illusions. Visitors of the park will not be able to determine the cube’s size at first. A walkway near the Garazh contemporary art museum will turn into a light tunnel with gleaming archways: they will flicker with music and remind visitors of equalisers at a DJ’s music stand.

New pavilions and a dance floor for parties

This year the rink in Gorky Park will be divided into three zones. The main ice rink will be open to all visitors, a separate rink will open for children, and a box with a goal cage and a game rink will be built for tournaments.

Skaters will be able to enter the ice rink through five pavilions, the same as last year. One of them is for visitors with skates, and the other four are for guests who need to rent skates.

The area of the pavilions will be bigger. The visitor flows will be divided in order to avoid queues. There will be 13 ticket offices and six terminals. For the first time this year the children’s ice rink in Gorky Park will have a pavilion for young skaters, and a separate cloakroom for hockey players near the hockey box will be used.

Another new addition is the dance floor under a transparent glass dome. Parties will be organised there three times a week. Famous Moscow DJs will perform their sets there.

Visitors will be able to have a lunchbreak in the food court area. This year there will be two of them: one on the dance floor and the other on Fountain Square. There will be 20 booths with street food and hot drinks in total this year: twice the number as last year. The opening date has not yet been determined; last year the weather allowed opening on 17 November.

The rink in Gorky Park is one of the largest artificial (mechanically frozen) open-air ice rinks in Europe. Last year, street art was the decoration theme. The rink was decorated with spectacular light installations, and rental pavilions and ticket offices were decorated by modern artists.