Politeness advertised on Moscow metro trains

Politeness advertised on Moscow metro trains
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Yevgeny Samarin
Over 5,000 stickers will be put on Moscow metro trains by the end of October to remind passengers of how they should behave in the metro.

Posters with the rules of conduct and bon ton manners have appeared on the Moscow metro trains. These recommendations are designed to make passengers more comfortable during their trip.

“Posters with recommendations of good conduct and politeness have appeared on all metro trains,” said Roman Latypov, First Deputy Head of the Moscow Metro for Strategic Development and Customer Service. “All trains will have these 200x150 mm stickers by the end of October. There will be 5,500 of them.”

The stickers will fall into three categories. The first one will recommend that passengers take off their backpacks and also hold their bags and suitcases in front of them when on the train. The second one will say that sound amplifiers (except hearing aids) and loud music are banned.

The third one will point out that no motorbikes, bikes, scooters, roller skates or other transport devices are allowed in the metro stations and underground interchanges as they can be dangerous both for their users and other people. These restrictions do not apply to people using wheelchairs.

Each carriage already has stickers with the metro rules. They are compulsory. For example, one of the rules says that passengers are not allowed to use non-operational escalators, descend on railway tracks or hold train doors. The full list of the rules can be found on the Moscow Metro website.

At least 60 posters have gone up at Moscow Central Circle stations, telling the time of the first and last trains at each station, either clockwise or anti-clockwise. It also lists the stations with no night-time trains. The first Lastochka trains start running at different times on weekdays and at weekends, therefore their departure times are marked in two colours: black for weekdays and red for weekends and holidays.