The last module of the layout of the Orbital Station Mir delivered to the Cosmos Pavilion

The last module of the layout of the Orbital Station Mir delivered to the Cosmos Pavilion
The mock-up will be the largest exhibit at the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre at VDNKh opening in the spring.

The last module of the Orbital Station Mir’s full-size mock-up was delivered to the Cosmos Pavilion at VDNKh during the early hours of October 10. The module Crystal, will become part of the largest exhibit at the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre due to open in spring 2018. The modules were transported in several stages during the night.


By mid-October, several other large-sized exhibits will be delivered to VDNKh, including replicas of the Almaz automatic orbital station, liquid-fueled rocket engines RD-107/108, NK-33, NK-39, NK-43, the Bor-4 Soviet unmanned orbiting space plane, the descent module of a  Soyuz spacecraft and more.

Exhibits of training equipment and models of space vehicles

The Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre will be divided into three zones. The Space Boulevard will display exhibits and full-size replicas of spacecraft. Cosmodrome of the Future will present the prospects of space exploration, while the Design Bureau will have play areas for youngsters.

Natalya Sergunina said the new centre would have an important educational mission. An area of over 1,000 sq m will be occupied by interactive educational exhibits that will help visitors learn more about our universe, astrophysics and the infinity of space.

“Centre visitors will find out about the major milestones and achievements of the Russian space industry of the 20th century, major manned spacecraft projects, legendary flights and people who helped mankind make its numerous discoveries,” said Nataly Sergunina.

The new Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre will become a major modern museum complex capable of receiving up to 20,000 people per day. It will display over 120 exhibits from various parts of the country, representing 27 rocket and space, plus defense sector enterprises.

Cosmos Pavilion reconstruction

Restoration work at the Cosmos Pavilion is nearing completion. The last touches include assembling metal structures, modernizing the fire safety and escape system, as well as the ventilation and air conditioning. For the first time since its opening 78 years ago, the pavilion’s exhibition halls will be heated, making it possible to hold exhibitions here in the cold season too.

The reconstruction work took place both inside and outside. Specialists have restored the decorative molding of 28 cast elements bearing the symbols of various Soviet industries and plant ornaments as well as a 6-metre high emblem of the USSR and two Orders of the Red Banner of Labour. The Sculpture of the Tractor Driver and Collective Farm Woman on the Pavilion’s rooftop has already been restored. All the renovation work on the Cosmos Pavilion are to be completed in the first quarter of 2018. Ultimately, the pavilion will look the same as in back 1954 when it first opened.