VDNKh’s Interactive Petting Theatre visitors to tend to animals

VDNKh’s Interactive Petting Theatre visitors to tend to animals
Visitors will be able to participate in the theatre’s plays and find their way around with the help of a special map.

VDNKh’s Urban Farm has opened an Interactive Petting Theatre, which will put on fully immersive plays. Visitors will be able to participate in plays and pet the animals living on the farm.

The debut project of the Interactive Petting Theatre is called Krylov’s Fables. Children and their parents will be able to watch productions of The Elephant and the Pug, The Crow and the Fox, The Cuckoo and the Rooster, The Quartet, The Cask, The Dragonfly and the Ant, and The Swan, the Pike and the Crab. Tutta Larsen, Alexei Kortnev, Vera Brezhneva, Teona Dolnikova and Antokha MC lent their voices to the performances.

As conceived by director Herman Bego, visitors of Urban Farm will be able to improvise and make changes to the script during the performance. In order not to get lost in the area of three hectares, every visitor will get a special map at the entrance.

“When we were creating this immersive play for children, our goal was to involve them in the performance as much as possible, let them feel like the main character of a fairy tale – almost like a wizard that can reverse the course of familiar events. Characters of Ivan Krylov’s fables will be portrayed in a new unusual way. For example, the Ant is a motorcycle racer, while the Dragonfly is a popular singer. Sometimes in order to get to the next room or stage of the play, visitors will have to complete an exciting task related to the plot of the story,” Herman Bego said.

Visitors will be able to touch, pet and feed the domestic animals. Moreover, little visitors will also be able to participate in workshops on modelling and painting.

Performances will be held on weekends and holidays from noon to 2 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm. A regular ticket costs 800 roubles, family ticket costs 1,600 roubles, and children under two years of age will be able to visit the theatre for free.

Urban Farm at VDNKh is an education centre for the whole family that teaches about the life and traditions of a real farm.