Zaryadye to open media centre for children on 15 October

Zaryadye to open media centre for children on 15 October
Young Muscovites will be able to learn to make short films and animated videos on nature.

The Media Centre for Children will open at the Media Centre in Zaryadye Park on 15 October. The centre’s staff, the list of which includes many employed in the filmmaking industry and television, will teach young Muscovites to direct, edit and dub films and animated films.

On the opening day, 15 October, between 12 noon and 8 pm all those who wish to learn will be able to visit the centre for free. Afterwards they will have to pay a fee to attend the courses. These courses will be held for children between the ages of 5 and 18.

“The Media Centre will be opened as part of the Glavkino. Children in Zaryadye educational project that we are currently offering with Glavkino, one of the biggest film companies in Russia, and the Art for All Seasons foundation for the support of culture and art,” said Pavel Trekhleb, director of Zaryadye Park.

Several short training courses will be held in the Media Centre through the end of October. At one of these courses children will direct a short movie on their experience of visiting Zaryadye Park. In other courses they will try out the role of talk show director and learn the basics of computer animation. By the end of the course every young person will have his/her own film that he or she directed or animated. The young people will be able to send these films to their friends and family by email or post them on social media.

Starting in November, the Media Centre will hold group regular courses as well. The youth will be able to receive training in acting, directing, camera operating, photography, television journalism and singing. The centre will also introduce courses in plastiques and modern choreography for those into dancing. Apart from the professional teaching staff, actors, directors, journalists, camera operators and photographers will be conducting the courses as well.

“Training in our Media Centre will help young people choose the right profession and work on their portfolio that will definitely be of use in their future life,” Trekhleb added.

The Children’s Centre will be open from 2 pm to 7.30 pm on Mondays and from 11.30 am to 7.30 pm during the rest of the week. The schedule will be available on the Zaryadye Park website.

The Media Centre pavilion opened its doors on 9 September, on the park’s opening day. Visitors can watch the interactive Flight Over Moscow film of the city’s landmarks in the Flight media centre, watch a film on Moscow’s history in the Time Machine media centre and attend lectures on healthcare, ecology and landscape design in the lecture hall. Moreover, the centre has opened a new exhibition, The Russian Arctic, where visitors will be able to see Northern Lights – the unusual natural phenomenon recreated with a special multimedia installation.