Moscow to improve eight more streets in its centre

Moscow to improve eight more streets in its centre
Improvements under the My Street programme are underway on Nikoloyamskaya, Verkhnyaya and Nizhnyaya Radishchevskaya, Yauzskaya, Solyanka, Bolshaya Polyanka, Solyansky Proyezd, and Vystoskogo streets. The bulk of the work is to be completed by late December.

The My Street - 2017 programme will cover the eight streets that are to be further upgraded under the 2018 state contract. The effort had been scheduled for autumn because of the streets’ role as alternative routes during the April-September renewal of the Garden Ring. As such, they didn’t see traffic blocked or restricted over that period.

Major repairs have already begun at the eight streets, with the pavements getting a facelift, and ditches dug up to relocate overhead wires. The existing gas, heat and water lines were upgraded prior to the start of the latest improvement projects. Later, drainage sewers will be upgraded and additional sewers will be installed. This phase of the overall effort is to be completed in October. It will be followed by preparation work for the laying of new pavements (sidewalks) and curbs. Then, granite blocks will be laid and supports for high-tech energy-saving street lamps will be installed. The sidewalk effort is to be finished in November. City services will then begin upgrading the street surfaces themselves on each of the streets. Worn surfaces will be replaced with new asphalt laid in layers that will then be restriped.

The above projects represent the bulk of the work under the My Street programme to be completed by 2017. Traffic is not expected to be blocked, but one or two lanes will be closed at a time as they are upgraded. Trees will be planted on the streets from November to December. Bushes and flowers will be planted, rubbish bins, benches and navigation columns will be installed, and adjacent façades will receive a facelift in the spring of 2018.

After the projects, the width of pavements (sidewalks)  on Nikoloyamskaya, Verkhnyaya and Nizhnyaya Radishchevskaya, Solyanka, Solyansky Proyezd, Vysotskogo and Bolshaya Polyanka streets will be 1.5 to 5-metres depending on a street section. Lane size will be standardized to eliminate bottlenecks.

Solyanka Street and Solyansky Proyezd will get a with-flow designated transit lane that will start at Yauzskaya Street and will run towards Slavyansksya Square. Traffic will remain one-way on these  streets, and a traffic island will be set up to allow bus passengers to debark.

The improvement effort on Andreyevskaya Embankment, which began in the summer, will be completed by late December. The old pavement surface and curbs have been removed, overhead wires have been relocated into the new underground ducting, and a new drainage system installed. The street is now being paved with granite blocks, new curb stones are being put in place, and street lamps are being installed. The embankment project will see the retaining wall separating the bank from the Moscow River repaired and reinforced. Before the year’s end, building façades facing Andreyevskaya Embankment will receive a facelift. Trees will be planted along the riverbank.

The two-way section of the embankment is small and runs from Sergeya Kapitsy Street to the Novoandreyevsky Bridge. During the work, this section will be accessible only to specialized and local resident vehicles. Afterwards, it will have a new asphalt surface and the traffic pattern will remain the same.

The embankment has two tiers. The lower one by the water surface will be paved with granite along with the upper one closer to buildings. The area along the embankment will be landscaped with flowerbeds and flower gardens. Active Muscovites will be able to enjoy new bicycle and pedestrian routes, and viewing platforms overlooking the river and the city right by the water.

In 2017, improvements under the My Street programme have covered nearly 65 kilometres of streets and squares. The main construction and mounting work has included over 100 city territories. These include the city’s main streets, Tverskaya, which was renovated from Nastasyinsky Pereulok to Triuphalnaya Square, the Tverskaya Zastava and Lubyanskaya squares, Bolshaya Lubyanka, the Garden Ring and the Boulevard Ring, and most of the embankments. Wooden boards, protective fencing and repair warning signs have been removed from these areas.