Moscow is the leading Russian high-tech exporter

Moscow is the leading Russian high-tech exporter
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Denis Grishkin
There are dozens of tech-parks producing innovative products in the capital. The city supports them with benefits, opens service centres and credit funds. In the near future, a bonus programme for entrepreneurs will be offered, and a startup school will open.

Moscow is the leading Russian exporter of high technology, said Sergei Sobyanin at the Transformation business forum.

“I believe that industry, new industry should be developed in Moscow and should create new high-tech workplaces, with well-paying jobs that are environmentally friendly. In recent years, dozens of new technology parks have opened in Moscow, with over 40,000 people working in them who innovate and who produce new products,” he noted.

There are about 30 high-tech industrial complexes in Moscow that are supported by a number of city benefits. There are service centres for business, credit and venture investment funds.

“Small and medium-sized businesses have already attracted more than 100 billion roubles in investment with city guarantees.” Sergei Sobyanin said.

Seminars and roundtable discussions unite over 40,000 businesspeople, and a startup school will open for newcomers in the beginning of October.

The Made in Moscow programme allows Moscow entrepreneurs to take part in promising industrial exhibitions, look for partners and sign contracts with financial support from the city.

 “We will also subsidise certification, registration of intellectual property rights and export logistics,” the Mayor said.

Another promising idea for business stimulation is the Moscow entrepreneur’s card. After joining this programme, a businessperson will qualify for bonuses for high-quality customer service and supportive cooperation with other business partners in the programme. The bonuses can be spent on the business: from leasing an office to bank services. This new business programme will be published soon.

Business and urban development is impossible without the development of public space, high-quality education, healthcare and culture, that’s why the city invests in creating a comfortable urban environment and transport infrastructure. This is profitable for the city itself. “For every rouble the city invests in developing the infrastructure, we see three roubles of business investment. This year, the investment volume will reach an impressive 2 trillion roubles,” Sergei Sobyanin explained.

The largest educational business forum “Transformation” takes place on 29–30 September at the Olimpiisky Sports Complex. It has proved that business is interested in exchanging experience and interacting with the city.

“You develop, help the city, you create the foundation for its economic development and, of course, the city should cooperate and assist you. I believe this is one of the main responsibilities of the city,” Sergei Sobyanin said.

Today there are about 700,000 entrepreneurs working in Moscow. Despite the crisis, Moscow business has not simply survived but has been developing more actively.

The Mayor said, “We see this in the number of companies registering in Moscow, see it in the volume and dynamics of city tax revenue, and we see it in the general development of our capital.”