Sergei Sobyanin: Zaryadye Park visitors double, staff ready

Sergei Sobyanin: Zaryadye Park visitors double, staff ready
The newly opened park welcomed 40,000 visitors during the first weekend and twice as many last weekend.

The new Zaryadye Park was opened on 9 September, Moscow City Day. A total of 40,000 people visited the park during the first weekend, and their number doubled last weekend, and continues to grow. Despite the large flow of people, Zaryadye staff  are  ready to cope with the upsurge, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said in an interview with the TV Tsentr Channel.

“I’d like to thank the park staff and security services,” he said. “Of course, this is a serious challenge to the infrastructure and human resources but I believe Zaryadye is coping perfectly well.”

Sobyanin said that two concepts of the park layout had been originally under consideration: either a green area that would lie between Red Square and Kitaigorodsky Proyezd, or a world class park.

“We were doubtful for a long time, concerned that a top class park would bring too many people into the city centre,” he said. “However, the second option took the upper hand. We passionately wanted to create another ‘jewel’ in the city centre that would attract both locals and tourists.”

Zaryadye is located at a spot that combines major walking routes and tourist sights of the capital city. According to Sobyanin, this place was meant to become a unique site, and so it has.

Now Moscow residents and tourists can enjoy the historical monuments of Zaryadye.

“We are grateful to the Patriarch who has agreed to open all Zaryadye churches and the Patriarchal Metochion for the public,” the mayor said. “Stripped of the brick or metal fences, they are now open for people who can enjoy the sight and visit this magnificent ancient architectural creation.”

All the historic sites around the park have remained intact. They can be admired from the hill where the Zapovednoye Posolstvo (Nature  Embassy) popular science centre is located. The breath-taking view features the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Patriarchal Metochion museums, the Church of St Barbara the Great Martyr in Varvaka , the Old English Court, Church of St Maximus the Blessed, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Sign (Znamensky) Monastery and its bell tower, the Chambers of the Romanov Boyars, the Church of St George the Victorious on Pskov Hill, the Church of the Conception of St Anne, and the Kitai-Gorod Wall.

Zaryadye covers an area of over 10 hectares. Here park designers have reproduced four landscape zones of Russia: polar landscape, meadows, steppe, the moderate climate zone (temperate, coniferous and coastal forests, birch trees grove). Each zone has a different type of soil.

Historic sites of the park harmoniously neighbour on its innovative architecture. Pavilions are blended in the landscape, which has made it possible to reveal panoramic views and create an entertaining and educational infrastructure.