Most of Luzhiki area is now a beautiful sports centre

Most of Luzhiki area is now a beautiful sports centre
Moscow is preparing for the FIFA World Cup which takes place next year. Much effort is going into the safety and comfort of visitors.

The city must be prepared to host any large event, Sergei Sobyanin said in an interview with TV Tsentr channel. “We should develop the city systematically and consistently,” he noted.

The Mayor reminded viewers that Moscow hosts various significant events every year, including many sports events: for example, recent hockey and athletics world championships.

Moscow is now preparing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The world event’s main venue will be Luzhniki Stadium. The extensive conversion project of the Big Sports Arena is now complete.

“Almost all of the Luzhniki area, facilities and grounds, has been turned into a sports cluster, a sports park: there are football fields, fitness equipment, children’s playgrounds and tracks for jogging and cycling. It will be an ice rink in winter,” said Sergei Sobyanin. All major sports facilities will be ready in a year or two. A watersports centre with several swimming pools and a waterpark for children is under construction now, as well as one of the largest gymnastics centres and an ice arena. These ongoing projects will not affect the World Cup.

Designated transit lanes for buses full of fans will appear for the World Cup. Those with a fan ID will be able to use the metro, the monorail, the MCC and suburban trains for free. Special attention was paid to security at the arena. Sergei Sobyanin noted that there is nothing quite like it in the world. Visitors will also be able to take a boat ride or a tour on a double-decker bus.

The capital has improved its positions in international tourist rankings. It is a top-ten city for travel, according to the Lonely Planet guide, and a National Geographic top-7 most attractive city for travel.