Indoor public places are already being heated.

As of 28 September residential buildings in Moscow will be heated which is ahead of schedule, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said in an interview with the TV Tsentre Channel.

“I will give instructions to turn on the heating in the residential parts of Moscow,” said the mayor. “We have already started heating public places, and I think it is time to warmup the residential buildings.”

Under a Russian government resolution, central heating should be turned on once the average outdoor temperature remains at 8 Degrees Celsius or below for more than five days. This has not happened yet but people in Moscow have been sending requests for central heating to be switched on early.

Moscow is totally prepared for the heating season, with fuel reserves, maintenance specialists, plus all the utility networks tested and checked.

With the cold season advancing, the authorities have prepared 16 Mosenergo thermopower plants, 172 thermopower plants and boilers, 10,200 heat supply units, 495 gas and box supply stations, 7,500 km of gas networks, and 158 high-voltage subunits.

Heating will be supplied to 72,500 Moscow buildings, including over 33,000 residential properties as well as around 9,000 social institutions.

Likewise, last year’s cold temperatures also resulted in an early start of the heating season, in September.

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