Moscow Government approves first construction sites for the relocation programme

Moscow Government approves first construction sites for the relocation programme
Plans provide for building 59 new residential blocks by 2019 and another 151 by 2021 under a relocation programme that will comprise several stages.  

Sergei Sobyanin has approved the list of sites where new residential blocks of flats will be built under the relocation programme. The decision was taken at a meeting of the Moscow Government Presidium.

“These 210 sites are located near, or rather in the same neighbourhood as the buildings that will be demolished under the relocation programme,” the Mayor said. Another 100 sites are to be selected within a year, in order  that the programme can be  implemented simultaneously in all districts.

The first 210 sites are located in 75 districts, most of them in the same neighbourhood as the five-story buildings that will be demolished.

Between 2017 and 2019, 59 new buildings will be completed in nine Moscow districts. “We will be able to relocate some 36,000 people to these new buildings,” said Head of the Urban Development Department Sergei Lyovkin.

Twelve buildings have already been completed, but the renovation work also includes landscaping and improvement of the site. There are plans for building another 151 residential blocks of flats between 2020 and 2021, where over 83,000 people from 410 five-story buildings slated for demolition will be relocated.

“Tentative calculations show that the initial stage provides for building some 3.4 million square metres of housing. Some 119,500 people will be relocated from 568 old buildings that have been included in the programme. Overall, these old buildings had some 47,000 flats with approximately 2 million square metres of floorspace,” Sergei Lyovkin added.

He said that people will be able to move to the 12 buildings that have been completed at the end of this year or early next year. Relocation to the remaining 47 buildings of the first stage is planned for 2019. The residential blocks of flats on the other 151 sites will be built by 2020 or 2021.

The construction sites were chosen with due regard for the opinion of the residents from the five-story buildings and the possibility to start construction without delay. Other selection criteria include:

— the ability to relocate as many people as possible without violating the building height and site density requirements;

— the availability of communications, municipal transportation routes and other infrastructure facilities;

— the possibility of building blocks of flats the layout of which will be similar to that of the old five-story blocks and at the same time will comply with relocation standards.

One of the key criteria is that the new site must be located in the same district as the buildings that are slated for demolition. “We must comply with one of the main guarantees of the people’s housing rights, which is that they will receive equivalent housing in their residential district,” Sergei Lyovkin said.

Sergei Sobyanin pointed out that the resolution on the initial construction sites must be letter-perfect and understandable. He suggested an amendment: “[According to the resolution,] we are to build these residential blocks between 2017 and 2021. I say, not just build but also relocate people to them within this period of time.”

New construction sites will be subsequently added to the list.

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“The new blocks of flats will have CCTV cameras in the entrance halls and fire safety systems, including evacuation stairs, which the old five-story buildings did not have,” Sergei Lyovkin said.

The new buildings will be energy efficient, which will reduce utility bills. The ground floors will house shops, chemists and recreation centres.