Sergey Sobyanin proposes to raise minimum pensions in Moscow

Sergey Sobyanin proposes to raise minimum pensions in Moscow
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Denis Grishkin
An increase in pensions and benefits will be incorporated in the capital’s next budget.

Sergei Sobyanin proposed raising minimum pensions and benefits in the capital during a meeting with war and labour veteran society, which was held in the Moscow City Council of War and Labour Veterans.

“I think that next year the federal pension will be increased,” the Mayor said. “But, without waiting for this, I believe that we still need to significantly raise minimum pensions in Moscow. Let's think together how much they should be raised; let’s create a working group and find the best option so that we will be clear by 10 October about the amount of funds needed to be allocated from the budget to support normal pensions in Moscow.”

The changes will impact a large number of citizens. “More than one million people will receive additional money. This is a very important moment,” Sergei Sobyanin said. He promised that the changes will be incorporated in drafting the next year’s budget.

He also added that Moscow’s strategic development priorities will remain unchanged. “All the main priorities we worked on over the past years will not be forgotten but will be incorporated in development programmes. They will be adjusted taking into account specific problems that exist in the city, but we will continue to move forward on strategic priorities,” the Mayor said.

In particular, he mentioned the further development of the system of care for patients with chronic conditions. “We introduced such a system of medical care for chronic patients in almost all outpatient clinics in the city; we provided special doctors who specialise solely in treating chronic patients: they call them, schedule appointments more often and know them personally,” Mayor Sobyanin said.

In addition, starting this year, the capital has begun to introduce a home care system for patients who cannot come to the clinic themselves.

Sergei Sobyanin also said that the volume of investments in Moscow’s key assets remains high. “I must say that, despite unfavourable economic circumstances, industry and entrepreneurship continue to develop in Moscow. I think that this year investments in Moscow’s key assets will reach two trillion roubles,” he said.