Moscow receives first 100 Vityaz-M low-floor trams

Moscow receives first 100 Vityaz-M low-floor trams
300 low-floor trams will be running on Moscow streets by late 2019.

Moscow received the first 100 Vityaz-M low-floor trams of the 300 ordered. The remaining rail vehicles will be delivered by late 2019.

“Over 10 million people have been able to enjoy the benefits of Vityaz-M trams, which run in eastern, northeastern and central Moscow,” General Director of Mosgortrans Yevgeny Mikhailov said. He noted that the trams are popular due to their smooth ride, low noise, high capacity and a comfortable interior. 

The new trams hold up to 260 passengers and have 60 seats. They are equipped with satellite navigation systems, CCTV cameras and USB connectors for charging mobile devices. There are no turnstiles, so passengers can enter any door and pay by putting their tickets or travel cards to validators. To enter and exit, passengers push the interior or exterior buttons with light indicators on the doors.

Vityaz-M trams started appearing on Moscow streets this March. They run on the following seven routes:

— No 7 Bulvar Rokossovskogo metro station – Tverskaya Zastava;

— No 9 Novovorotnikovsky Pereulok – Tverskaya Zastava;

— No 11 Ostankino – 16th Parkovaya Street;

— No 13 Detsky Sanatory (Children’s Health Retreat) – Kalanchyovskaya Street;

— No 17 Medvedkovo – Ostankino;

— No 19 Kalanchyovskaya Street – Novoslobodskaya metro station;

— No 25 Ostankino – Sokolnicheskaya Zastava.