Landscape lighting adorns Moscow’s southern gateway

Landscape lighting adorns Moscow’s southern gateway
290 spotlights with several hundreds of programmed colours have been installed at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) and Kashirskoye Motorway lighting up not only the trees but also the grass.

The city gateway at the intersection of MKAD and Kashirskoye Motorway is now adorned with landscape lighting. The press service of the Moscow Department of Housing, Utilities and Amenities said that the trees and the grass near the interchange are now lit up by 290 LED spotlights with several hundreds of different colours. The spotlights operate in static and dynamic modes with one or several iridescent colours. In order to install the lighting fixtures, 7.4 km of wires were buried underground.

The architectural lighting of interchanges and buildings at the MKAD-Kashirskoye Motorway intersection was installed in 2016. These spotlights have put the final touches to the new- look Moscow southern gateway.

These areas at the intersections of MKAD and outbound motorways are the visiting card of the city. It’s where new arrivals to the capital get their first impressions whether by car or public transportation. Those coming from Domodedovo Airport travel to Moscow via Kashirskoye Motorway.

This year, landscape lighting was installed at six MKAD intersections on such outbound roads as Rublyovskoye, Rublyovo-Uspenskoye, Mozhaiskoye, Yaroslavskoye, Leningradskoye, Varshavskoye motorways, and Leninsky Prospekt.

In 2016, all these intersections were renovated under the My Street programme. They received lawns and trees plus pavements (sidewalks) paved with granite slabs, and new street lamps were installed. Architectural lighting was erected on bridges and intersections as well as on the outside of buildings. The bridge abutments are lit with a warm white light, while the decks are lit with a cool light. The shades depend on the colour and architecture of buildings.

Four city gateways are to be renovated this year: on the Shchyolkovskoye and Entuziastov motorways and Michurinsky and Ryazansky prospekts.