Krasnodar-style street food and Cossack choirs: Krasnodar Territory Days at the Golden Autumn Festival

Krasnodar-style street food and Cossack choirs: Krasnodar Territory Days at the Golden Autumn Festival
During Krasnodar Territory Days, people will be able to buy and partake of the best southern Russian food and to attend the Krasnodar Handicrafts workshops.

On 28 September-1 October, farmers, restaurateurs and artisans from the Krasnodar Territory will display their best goods at the Golden Autumn Festival’s main venues. 

Festival-goers can buy food and souvenirs on Revolution and Manezhnaya squares and partake of the traditional Krasnodar Territory cuisine there. Representatives of local travel agencies will tell everyone about agro-tourism. Guests will also watch folk art performers and take part in workshops and games.

Kupaty sausages in lavash rolls and mussels in sauce

Forty festival participants from the Krasnodar Territory will bring the best and tastiest foods, including dairy products, fish, meat, vegetables, fruit (grapes and plums), berries, honey, jam, nuts, halva and teas. 

Apart from the traditional borsch, shashlyk, pickled vegetables and vareniki (fruit dumplings), people visiting restaurant chalets will be offered some unique street foods, including fried surmullet fish, mussels in sauce, Well-Fed Cossack burgers, Krasnodar sausages (kupaty sausages in lavash rolls) and baked goods. These foods are best washed down by uzvar (stewed fruit drinks), kvass (fermented bread drinks) and samovar tea.  

Concerts and Krasnodar Territory handicrafts

During the fair, Manezhnaya Square will host concerts from noon to 8 pm. Performers will include folk singing and dancing companies from Anapa, as well as those from the Krasnodar Territory’s Leningradsky, Seversky, Krymsky, Belorechensky, Slavyansky, Kavkazsky, Kanevsky and Tikhoretsky districts.

Children will also take part in various Cossack games and other activities, contests and competitions. While attending Krasnodar Handicrafts workshops, they will learn how to make clay pottery, traditional clay toys and rag dolls. Other workshops will focus on artistic weaving, wood carving and sawing, embroidery, wood-painting, weaving decorative grass panels, patchwork and tree-bark painting. Chalets will host free games and workshops for children on 28-29 September on Revolution Square from 1.30 pm to 6.45 pm, as well as on 30 September and 1 October, from noon to 6.45 pm.

The Golden Autumn Festival runs until 8 October. The 23 festival venues and over 40 markets will offer farm products and other Russian delicacies, including cheese, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and drinks. Festival guests will be able to attend culinary workshops, exhibitions and concerts in various city districts.