Kremlin star to adorn Cosmos Pavilion at VDNKh

Kremlin star to adorn Cosmos Pavilion at VDNKh
A large star-shaped lamp with a diametre of over four metres and weighing almost a tonne has been created based on the design of the star that once crowned the Kremlin’s Troitskaya Tower.

An exact copy of a star that stood on the Kremlin’s Troitskaya Tower from 1935 to 1937 will appear under the dome of the Cosmos (Space) Pavilion at VDNKh. The original Kremlin star was converted into a light fixture and installed there in 1954. For almost 20 years, it lit up the pavilion, but was later dismantled and lost. The new star recreates the historical design by Soviet artists and architects. The large lamp will be assembled and installed by yearend.

“A large lamp in the shape of a Kremlin star with rays of light around it will become part of the new exhibit at the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre at VDNKh,” said Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage Alexei Yemelyanov.

He also said that the frame of the star is made from a black-coloured metal. Its metal rays are embedded with cranberry glass pieces with decorative brass elements in the shape of wheat spikes. The entire surface of the lamp, except for the brass elements, will be covered in gold leaf. The star’s diametre will be the same as of its predecessor, 4.24 metres. Its weight is about one tonne. Sixty energy-saving 100W LEDs emitting a warm white light will be placed around the edges of the structure.

The idea to install a Kremlin star in the Mechanisation and Electrification section of the Soviet Agriculture Pavilion (currently Cosmos Pavilion) belonged to Soviet architect Ivan Taranov (1906-1979). He took part in the reconstruction of VDNKh in the post-war years. The glass dome (36 metres high; 42 metre diametre base) above the pavilion was built in 1954. Taranov wanted the dome to be lit by 24 light rays that came from the five-pointed star made of cranberry coloured glass. The star was taken from the Kremlin’s Troitskaya Tower. Such stars, designed by People’s Artist of the USSR Fyodor Fedorovsky (1883-1955), adorned the Kremlin towers from 1935 to 1937. In 1937, they were replaced with stars of cranberry glass with internal lighting.

Mechanisation and Electrification Pavilion. 1954-1960

The Kremlin star did not last long in the Mechanisation and Electrification Pavilion: in the early 1970s, it was dismantled and its rays were the only thing that was not lost.

Alexei Yemelyanov said the design of the new star was recreated thanks to Ivan Taranov’s project drawings  from the VDNKh archives, as well as with the help of historical photos of the pavilion and the remaining fragments of sketches by Fyodor Fedorovsky.

The design of the star and its rays under the dom

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