Since 23 September Birzhevaya Square has been for pedestrians only

Since 23 September Birzhevaya Square has been for pedestrians only
Design solution
The square and adjoining Staropansky Pereulok will be closed off to traffic as of midnight on 23 September, when work to improve the walking area start.

The improvement of the walking area will take 16 days (23 September - 9 October). Workers will get rid of the partition between the slip road and pavement (sidewalk), cover the square with granite paving stones and prime the basin of the fountain. All work is being carried out according to the My Street programme. Birzhevaya Square will become a pedestrian zone and incorporated into a path leading from the Kremlin to Zaryadye Park. It also includes Bogoyavlensky Pereulok, Rybny Pereulok and Nikolskaya Street. By the end of the year, trees will have been planted on Birzhevaya Square,there will be a fountain plus benches to relax on.

“There was traffic on Birzhevaya Square even up until recently. It didn’t have to stop during the repair work which was carried out on utility lines under the My Street programme. However, according to this year’s improvement plan, after the repairs have been done this area will be closed for traffic. The traffic was allowed on this route because work was being done in adjoining streets around Zaryadye, and the area was closed for traffic there. Staropansky Pereulok and Birzhevaya Square were an alternative route for drivers for a long time,” said an official from the city’s Department for Major Housing Repairs.

During the repair work, from midnight on 23 September until 5 am on 9 October, only special vehicles and ambulances will be permitted on Staropansky Pereulok and Birzhevaya Square. On Staropansky Pereulok, special vehicles will be allowed to move in both directions, despite the fact that it was a one-way street before.

After the improvements have been made, only residents’ cars and special vehicles as well as cars belonging to people with disabilities will be allowed into the square. As of  9 October, Staropansky Pereulok will become a one-way street again, but only for residents’ cars and special vehicles.

This year, 65 km of city streets and squares are being improved under the My Street programme.

The main construction work being carried out under the programme has now been completed in almost 100 places in the city, including the main city street – Tverskaya Street (from Nastasyinsky Pereulok to Triumfalnaya Square), Tverskaya Zastava and Lubyanskaya squares, Bolshaya Lubyanka Street, the Garden Ring, the Boulevard Ring and most of the embankments. As of Moscow City Day, 9 September, overhauled  streets were ready to be used by both pedestrians and cars once again.