From mozzarella to caciotta: 200 varieties of cheese to sample at autumn festival

From mozzarella to caciotta: 200 varieties of cheese to sample at autumn festival
A cheese fair will open on Tverskaya Square with French, Swiss, Dutch and Italian themed days. Cheese fans will be able to take part in cheese degustation sessions and go to lectures given by cheese makers, as well as culinary workshops.

Cheese makers have made over 100 tonnes of cheese for the Golden Autumn Festival. “I hope that all this produce will be sold, and new cheese varieties will be offered,” said Moscow Government Minister, Head of the Department of Trade and Services Alexei Nemeryuk.

Visitors will be able to try 200 varieties of cheese from various Russian regions, from Adygeya to Karelia. Oleg Sirota, chairman of the Russian Union of Cheese Makers, claims that Italians themselves cannot distinguish between Russian and Italian-made mozzarrela and burrata. “We will have 30 kinds of caciotta alone; you can set up a competition and give awards for that cheese,” he added.

The large cheese fair will be open on Tverskaya Square. The programme features themed days of the countries famous for their cheese making traditions: Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Georgia, Italy, France and Switzerland. Cheese gourmets will be able to sample Brie, Emmental, Gouda, Parmesan, Cheddar, Dorblu and Suluguni. Everyone is invited to take part in cheese degustation, lectures by cheesemakers, culinary workshops plus concerts. “In all, we will hold over 3,000 various workshops during the festival. We will have theatrical performances and some 100 culinary master classes,” Mr Nemeryuk said.

Those who like fish can go to Kuznetsky Most Street where they will be able to try and purchase seafood, oysters from the Russian Far East, as well as caviar. “A fish market will open on Kuznetsky Most with 460 different kinds of fish products and seafood from over 25 regions of Russia,” Mr Nemeryuk said.

An open-air vegetable fair will take place on Manezhnaya Square and Revolution Square. Sculptures and panels made out of pumpkins will be its highlight. “Over 100 tonnes of pumpkins have been brought to the festival; some of them were used to decorate our venues. There are 18 pumpkin varieties from both Volgograd and Rostov,” the Head of the Department said.

This year, the Golden Autumn Festival will take place between 22 September and 8 October. Over 40 Russian regions will provide their produce. Visitors will be treated to culinary and creative workshops, exhibitions plus concerts.