Over 270,000 Muscovites voted for the new metro circle line name

Over 270,000 Muscovites voted for the new metro circle line name
The most popular names were: The Third Interchange Circuit, The Big Circle, The Third Circle and The Second Circle Line

The Active Citizen website totaled the results of 274,448 votes for the name of the metro’s new third interchange circuit.

Of the total, 93,696 (34.14 percent) want the working name: the Third Interchange Circuit; 75,209 (27.4 percent) were undecided and another 48,948 (17.84 percent) think the city should choose.

Moscow’s “active citizens” made over 56,000 proposals for the name of the new metro circle line. The most popular was the “Big Circle” suggested by 4,700 voters. The second was the “Third Circle” proposed by 2,040 voters and the “Second Circle Line” was favoured by 1,663 people.

Many voters suggested names that included “circle”: new, external, golden, business, Peter’s, silver, Moscow, and wedding. Someone even suggested the circle of omnipotence. There were also many versions with Matryoshka nesting dolls. Many names were associated with a circle: orbit, hoop, ringlet, bread ring, flotation ring, Saturn, ring and carousel. Others evoked the distance from the centre: outskirts, sleeping circle, and roundabout.

Anyone can vote on the name of the new circle line or suggest his/her own idea on the Active Citizen website.

The Third Interchange Circuit is the future second circle line in the Moscow Metro system. It will be built underground about 10 km beyond the current Circle Line and will connect all of the metro’s radial lines. The 61 km circle line will be fully operational in 2020-2021.

Once it is completed, passengers won’t have to go to the centre to change for another metro line or other modes of transport. It will take only 18-20 minutes to get from the Yugo-Zapadnaya station to Kuntsevskaya station rather than 40 minutes as now.