Caution lights for pedestrian crossings tested in Moscow

Caution lights for pedestrian crossings tested in Moscow
Pedestrian crossing caution lights are being tested at two locations in the Zelenograd Administrative Area.

Two pedestrian crossings in Moscow’s Zelenograd Administrative Area have received caution lights. The first one, at the Generala Alekseyeva-Nikolaya Zlobina streets’ intersection, is regulated by traffic signals while the second one is at an unregulated crossing on Savyolkinsky Proyezd near the local prefecture office.

The caution signal hangs on a bracket above the crossing to make it more visible. It comes on as soon as the traffic signal turns green, enabling pedestrians to cross the street safely and drivers to quickly see the situation. The pedestrian crossing signs (5.19.1 and 5.19.2) are also lit.

“These caution light signals at pedestrian crossings are an additional measure to increase traffic and pedestrian safety after dark,” said Vadim Yuryev, head of Moscow’s  Traffic Management Centre. “This decision is important for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons when the days get shorter. The lights will help reduce the number of accidents caused by driver carelessness at pedestrian crossings.”

After the lighting is tested, the Traffic Management Centre will decide whether to use it in other parts of Moscow.

Such signals at pedestrian crossings have been used before. Traffic signals at five streets include caution lights near the curb that flash based on the regular red, yellow and green traffic lights. A pedestrian caution light has been put up at the pedestrian crossing at the Generala Alekseyeva-Nikolaya Zlobina streets’ intersection where the crossing itself has additional caution lights.