New through road at 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street is now open

New through road at 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street is now open
The new road will save drivers significant time.

Drivers will now be able to cross 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street from Chayanova Street towards Vasilyevskaya Street and vice versa. A new through road with new traffic signals, signs, markings and photo- and video surveillance systems is now open.

Previously, drivers could only cross 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street via the Boulevard Ring or Tverskaya Zastava Square, which took a lot of time, especially during peak hours. Using the new through road will significantly reduce travel time. The new road will also reduce the load on Tverskaya Zastava Square by 4 percent and, and in some districts it will double motor service. Moreover, it will reduce driving distance for the 5,000-6,000 drivers that use the direct roadway every day.

The Moscow Centre for Road Traffic Organisation warns drivers that they can only drive straight through, and urges them to pay close attention to the signs.

1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street is one of the city streets improved under the My Street programme this year. Construction workers paved the roads with a new layer of asphalt, widened the pavements (sidewalks), placed overhead wires underground and renovated building façades. At the end of autumn the city will plant trees. The improvements will increase road capacity as well, and thus average speeds should increase.