Moscow’s transport system ready for the World Cup

Moscow’s transport system ready for the World Cup
Before the World Cup the city will install additional traffic lights and video surveillance cameras and reorganise traffic.

Moscow’s transport system is ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, according to Alexander Yevsin, Head of the Situation Centre at the Moscow Traffic Management Centre. “The transport system is almost fully ready for the World Cup and will do its best to make moving about the city more convenient for Moscow residents, guests and football fans,” he added.

The Traffic Management Center is not expecting any serious traffic issues during the World Cup. Though, there might be some complications on the roads near Luzhniki and Spartak stadiums. The World Cup will increase the load on the city’s transport system, but there will be no gridlock in Moscow. “We will install additional traffic signals and video surveillance cameras and reorganise traffic,” Alexander Yevsin said.

The city will take into account the experience gained from hosting the Confederations Cup to avoid mishaps while hosting the World Cup. During the Confederations Cup, city transport functioned smoothly and without disruption. Over 320,000 free rides on various city transport modes were taken. The Moscow Metro was the most popular means of transport with over 215,000 rides. Over 21,000 rides were taken on the Moscow Central Circle (MCC).

Over 51,000 passengers took free rides on surface transit vehicles. They could also take special shuttles to get from Aeroport and Sokol metro stations to Spartak Stadium, from Sheremetyevo Airport to Spartak Stadium and from Domodedovo Airport to Domodedovskaya metro station. Football fans rode free on 19 regular bus routes as well.

During the World Cup, Moscow will become the main transport hub. Before the event, the city will create new designated traffic lanes for buses to carry football fans. Priority will be given to public transport on the roads. Those who have a fan ID card will be entitled to free rides on the Moscow Metro, the monorail, the MCC and commuter trains to the Moscow Region. Some surface transit routes will be free as well.