Smart lighting in Zaryadye Park

Smart lighting in Zaryadye Park
Light intensity and colour shades can be remotely controlled depending on the season, weather and time of day.

A smart lighting system has been put in place at Zaryadye Park. It can be remotely controlled thanks to innovative lighting technology. Special software creates various lighting options: bright, subdued, diffused or multi-colour. The park is equipped with 2,460 LED lamps, 2,000 of which illuminate the facades of buildings and various structures – the concert hall, the Ice Cave pavilion, the media centre with the Flying Footbridge observation platform. Built into each lamp are special light control sensors.

“Cold hues will prevail throughout the park during the summer season, and warm hues – during the winter. The architectural lighting of the facades and structures will combine white, blue and violet colours. The landscape and the trees will be accentuated by white in dark hours. White doesn’t divert attention, so visitors will be able to get a clear view of the trees and the flowers,” Sergei Kuznetsov, Moscow’s Chief Architect and the head of the Zaryadye Park design team, told reporters.

A total of 460 lamps have been installed in the landscape zones. The busiest areas of the park are illuminated by mast lights between six and thirteen metres tall. There are 140 mast lights at Zaryadye. The intensity and colour of light in all lighting devices across the park can be changed depending on the weather or time of day. In rainy or foggy weather, for example, light intensity will be increased.

“A variety of lighting effects can be created at Zaryadye Park, including a smooth transition light intensity scenario, a flicker effect and so on,” Mr Kuznetsov said.

The park also boasts decorative LED lights, for example, the shining reed. It consists of 50 light tubes swinging in the wind like real reeds. The shining reed lights are installed near the ponds in the southern part of the park.

Zaryadye Park opened on 9 September, becoming a gift to Moscow for its 870th anniversary. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin attended the opening ceremony. Schoolchildren, children from large families and boarding school students were Zaryadye’s first visitors. On Monday, 11 September, the park opened to the general public.

Zaryadye Park is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, last admission – 9 pm. The pavilions are open until 8 pm.

Visitors can perform the “Flight Over Russia” and “Flight Over Moscow”, it’s an amusement ride with a 13-metre screen and special effects, explore the artificial Ice Cave, descend to the underground museum showing Zaryadye’s archaeological finds or enjoy panoramic views of the Kremlin and the city from the Flying Footbridge.