Foreign guests appreciate Moscow’s experience in developing its education system

Foreign guests appreciate Moscow’s experience in developing its education system
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Denis Grishkin
Participants of the City for Education Forum visited Moscow schools and reviewed the implementation of such projects as Moscow Electronic School.

Over 200 events were held at VDNKh’s Pavilion 75 as part of the first City for Education Forum. Experts and education ministers from 70 Russian regions and 40 countries appreciated the recent changes at Moscow schools.

“The scale of the forum, the number of guests and the issues raised by them are impressive. For us, representatives of Minsk, Moscow isn’t new. We have very good, I’d say, friendly relations, lots of practice, lots to learn, to share; we have experience in holding events together,” said Mikhail Mironchik, chairman of the Education Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

Besides the business events at VDNKh, forum participants visited Moscow schools, where they saw the Moscow Electronic School, Medical Class in a Moscow School and Engineering Class in a Moscow School projects in action.

Antonio Salvatore, head of the School Department of the Italian Ministry of Education, noted that properly supporting school education is very important.

“You know, I have excellent impressions of the school, city and country. I can compare it with the best examples of schools in Europe and the US. I hope you can support this level across the country,” he said.

According to Jia Wei, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the experience of Moscow school education can be useful for many educational institutions. “Of course, the practices will be adopted, and not only in Shanghai, but across the world,” he stressed.

The city’s experience was appreciated by Katarina Milkovic, aide to the head of the Zagreb Education Department (Croatia), too. “The Moscow education system is very similar to ours, but this is something special. I work at the Zagreb Education Department, and I’ll try to share the experience I got here with our school that cannot rival the Moscow school,” she said.

The importance and the need to share experience were noted by Hanna Bjorkman, head of the International Department at Helsinki City Hall. According to her, the Moscow school is very interesting, and the Moscow Electronic School project is good for discipline, because school students are study-oriented.

Isaac Tsang, a representative of the Hong Kong Government’s Institute for Developing Academic Programmes, approved of the Moscow education system. According to him, the use of modern technologies is particularly impressive.

“Regarding the forum, I am also really impressed: I especially liked how the educational process has changed thanks to e-boards and education system improvements that allow school students to learn a subject themselves using the internet,” he noted.

The City for Education Moscow Global Forum took place between 7 and 9 September. During these days, VDNKh hosted an international conference of the heads of education systems and the fifth Moscow teachers’ conference. There also was a large-scale exhibition where around 100 Russian and foreign companies presented cutting-edge methods, education quality control programmes and other projects.