Zaryadye Park opens for visitors

Zaryadye Park opens for visitors
Today all amusements in the park are operating for free. On 9-10 September, the new park opened for school students and children from large families and boarding schools.

Zaryadye has opened for everyone. Today, on 11 September, all the amusements are operating for free. Zaryadye welcomed its first visitors ‒ school students and children from large families and boarding schools ‒ on 9-10 September.

Not only the multimedia amusements are free, but also entry to the research centre and the underground greenhouse. A new observation point with one of the best views of Moscow’s historical centre opened in the park, the so-called Flying Footbridge. A unique archaeological museum opened in the tunnel to the embankment.

The most interesting amusements are likely Flight Above Moscow and Flight Above Russia. Multichannel surround sound, a moving platform, a 13-metre-tall screen and visual effects produce the feeling of a real flight. Visitors of the Time Machine media hall will go back in the past and take part in  Moscow historical events from ancient times up to now.

In the northern part of the park, visitors can always get a taste of winter at the ice cave. This is an installation with a labyrinth, archways and columns with an ice-covered surface. The temperature does not drop lower than minus two degrees Celsius at daytime, and lower than minus five degrees in the evening.

A glass canopy covers the summer amphitheatre with 1,600 seats and the roof-top garden where the Philharmonic Hall will soon be. This is, of course, not an amusement, but still a unique facility. The canopy creates a special climate, protects the amphitheatre from bad weather and lets sub-tropical plants grow in the garden.

It was decided to create Zaryadye Park in 2012. The park was the alternative to building a 400,000-square-metre hotel and business complex. Also, the idea to build a new parliamentary complex on this territory was turned down in favour of creating a new green space right in the heart of Moscow.

Entrance to Zaryadye will be free, but the amusements will cost a fee.

The park is open from 10 am to 10 pm, with last entry at 9 pm. After that, the gates will only serve as an exit. The pavilions work until 8 pm.