Moscow traffic unaffected by redevelopment

Moscow traffic unaffected by redevelopment
New trees and streetscape elements are being added to Moscow streets.

The major works to improve Moscow streets have been completed, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin told the Business FM radio station. “I would like to thank those people who have accomplished this vast amount of work, and done it well and on time,” he said.

Streets will be decorated with trees and hardscape elements will be installed. More trees in the newly redeveloped areas will be planted in late November-early December and in spring.

These projects aim to make the streets more comfortable for drivers and pedestrians alike. For example, street redevelopment has had no adverse effect on the traffic in Moscow.

“Traffic in Tverskaya, Arbat or Mokhovaya streets has remained unchanged compared to what it was like earlier. I am sure that this year’s reconstruction works will leave the traffic moving at the same speed and no less,” Sergei Sobyanin said.

New parking regulations have also helped to improve the road traffic situation. The mayor said car users had nowhere to park in Moscow streets in 2012 and spent hours trapped in traffic jams every day. Now the situation has changed, even though the number of cars in Moscow has increased from three to four million in recent years.

“We are not fighting against car users – conversely, the new rules, for example, parking and traffic regulations, are first of all aimed at improving the traffic flow so that people can use their cars,” Mr Sobyanin emphasised.