Over 30,000 people can take part in the autumn cycling parade

Over 30,000 people can take part in the autumn cycling parade
The column will cover over 30 kilometres from Zvyozdny Boulevard to Krasnaya Presnya Park, a bike picnic site.

Over 30,000 people can take part in the autumn cycling parade that will kick off the European Mobility Week. The bike parade is scheduled for 17 September. It will include 30 kms. Participants will gather at 11am on Zvyozdny Boulevard. The starting time is noon. The finishing site is Krasnaya Presnya Park which will host a bike picnic.

Between 17-22 September, bikes can be carried on commuter and aeroexpress trains free of charge. On the day of the parade, bike rental costs will be lowered in Moscow. 

A cycling parade is not a sports racing event. Enrollment is available for anyone whatever age you are and there are not any  bicycle type restrictions either. One can ride on a city or on a mountain bike, on a one-wheeler or even on a handmade bike. The rules of participation are available on the parade’s website.

The city will continue developing comfortable infrastructure for cyclers. “Cycle tracks and bike racks have been appearing all over Moscow. In addition to this, Moscow can boast one of the world’s most advanced bicycle rental systems. Today, more and more residents from developed megalopolises have been giving up private cars in favour of environmentally-friendly transportation. This isn’t only due to a global trend. The use of a bicycle on a daily basis instead of using cars makes the city much cleaner and the people – healthier,” said Deputy Mayor, Head of the Moscow Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov.

Moscow holds cycling parades four times a year – in January, May, July and September. The total number of participants exceeds 100,000. The previous parade gathered over 10,000 cyclers. On the night of 8 July, they covered nearly 16 kms across Frunzenskaya Embankment, Khamovnichesky Val, Savvinskaya Embankment, Novy Arbat, Znamenka and Vozdvizhenka streets and Prechistenskaya Embankment.

The autumn cycling parade will kick off the European Mobility Week that is scheduled for between 16-22 September. It will end with the national campaign Bike to Work. Every year, mobility week’s theme has to do with the excessive amount of cars on the roads plus air pollution. The theme of the 2017 European Mobility Week will be Clean, shared and intelligent mobility! Sharing gets you further.