Shining people, cycling tours, fireworks, or the unusual items in the City Day programme

Shining people, cycling tours, fireworks, or the unusual items in the City Day programme
The guests will watch Viy, a rock-n-drama by the Taganka Theatre, and will be able to see bears walking on stilts, whereas the #BrighterTogether festival will present a power-saving wall with a panorama of Moscow, electric benches and glowing bicycles.

The City Day celebrations will span two days – 9 and 10 September. The capital will celebrate its 870th anniversary at over 300 venues. City residents will lay flowers at the Hero City of Moscow obelisk at 11 am. The holiday itself will kick off at noon with an opening ceremony on Red Square. The musical start is scheduled for 1 pm, when Moscow’s anthem will sound at all the venues.

The fireworks display will start at 9 pm on 9 September. Its main site will be Raushskaya Embankment; the skies above it will be lit up with the number 870. Fireworks will be launched from 13 sites in total, which will allow residents in all the districts to see the display. Meanwhile, on Sunday, 10 September, the Moscow 870: City Where History Is Made festival will wrap up on Tverskaya Street. Taking part in it will be 4,500 actors, musicians, lecturers and athletes. Workshops and creative classes will be held for adults and children, as will be art exhibitions and athletic programmes. The festival will offer dishes cooked following old Moscow recipes, and artists’ souvenirs.

This year’s City Day programme incorporated residents’ wishes. They were able to vote in the Active Citizen project from 13 July to 4 August, and 1,893,550 people expressed their opinion. Of those polled, 38.34 percent wanted modern music concerts while 26.83 percent voted for theatrical shows.

Muscovites were also asked which events from last year’s programme should be repeated this year. Most of the respondents voted for firework displays, with children’s programmes taking second place followed by tours.

Stars of the stage and antique cars

More than 2,000 performers and 150 bands will perform for the holiday. Guests will be greeted in the parks and on other venues by singers Valery Meladze, Alexei Kortnev and Neschastny Sluchai band, Yevgeny Margulis, Yelena Temnikova, Denis Maidanov, Diana Gurtskaya, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Leonid Agutin and Olga Kormukhina.

Photos of honoured city residents and winners of the Moscow Prize are already on display along Gogolevsky, Nikitsky, Chistoprudny boulevards and on Stary Arbat Street. Library No. 146 is expecting visitors with its exhibition “Moscow: 700, 800, 850 – Anniversary Celebrations As They Were.” One can learn everything about the city’s anniversary celebrations and see archival documents. The Pushkin State Museum is hosting the exhibition “Moscow... how many strains are fusing in that one sound, for Russian hearts!” featuring the places in Moscow visited by the famous poet.

On 9 September, the Moscow Transport display of antique vehicles will start on Frunzenskaya Embankment. It will only be open for three hours, from noon to 3 pm. Meanwhile, 10 September is the closing day for the Exhibitions of Moscow, an event launched at the Multimedia Art Museum in July.

The Izmailovo, Kolomenskoye and Lyublino museum reserves will host the exhibitions “Around the Tea Machine,” “Holstein Embassy,” “A Tale of Bratskaya Tower,” “The Capital City on Seven Hills” and “A la Wise Old Age.”

Sports city: Where to pass athletic tests and see darts competitions

Those leading an active lifestyle will be awaited at the Sports Capital 2017 event on September 9. One can take the RLD national fitness programme tests and watch the traditional sport of gorodki, paintball, darts, table games, arm wrestling, tug-of-war and service dog competitions at the Moskvich Olympic reserve school at 46/15 Volgogradsky Prospekt.

The 26th traditional festival of sports for the disabled will be held at the Iskra centre. Moscow residents with disabilities will take part in competitions in 16 disciplines, among them volleyball, petanque, darts, mini golf, culbutto, Nordic walking and electronic gun shooting. They start at 1 pm at 26 Selskokhozyaistvennaya Street.

City Day will be held in Luzhniki on the same day. The programme there includes contests, games and entertainment. A rap concert will be held on the main stage next to the main entrance, and an electronic music festival will be featured on Prestizhnaya Alley. Chanson stars will perform near the Small Sports Arena. The holiday in Luzhniki will kick off at 11 am.

Theatre Rally, a charity theatrical cycling rally, is scheduled for 10 September. The participants will cycle along Karetny Ryad and Petrovka streets, as well as Strastnoy, Petrovsky, Rozhdestvensky and Sretensky boulevards. Joining them will be Irina Apeksimova, Sergei Bezrukov, Yevgeny Mironov, Igor Vernik and other actors. The rally starts from the Hermitage Garden at 11 am. Online registration is available.

Holiday in the parks: Theatre March and Shining People

Twenty parks will offer holiday programmes. The Hermitage Garden will be a venue of the Theatre March festival. The city’s best theatres will present their shows to the guests. The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre will stage the Blue Danube show. The Ballet Moscow will perform the All the Roads Are Due North show, which won the 2017 Golden Mask Award, whereas the Taganka Theatre will show the Viy rock-n-drama. The festival will run from noon to 10 pm on 9 September and from 1 pm to 8 pm on 10 September.

On 9 September, Iosif Kobzin, Anita Tsoi, Katya Lel, Sati Kazanova, Igor Sarukhanov, Yuta, Marina Devyatova and other singers will perform in Victory Park, which will also host the Russian Equestrian Tradition show at noon and 2.30 pm on 10 September.

Sokolniki Park events will centre on opera. Living statues on the main alley in white costumes will perform opera arias. Singers from Europe will also arrive. Guests are welcome from noon on 9 September.

The Shining People two-day festival in Gorky Park will unite all kinds of art. Its theme is The Designer Moscow. Acrobats, trapeze artists, dancers and opera singers will give performances. Spectators will see Colourful Dreams, a 10-hour long show, the Gueule d’Ours French show with bears on stilts and an Italian show called Fiore di Loto.

Travel fans are welcome to the Whole World on Krasnaya Presnya festival. One can practice yoga there, take part in dancing workshops, talk to famous bloggers and taste different ethnic dishes — from Georgian khachapuri to Baku pilaf. The park will also show a flashback of Moscow’s cultural life, and hold poetry recitals, a ballet performance and a symphony orchestra concert.

City Day at VDNKh: Children, books and a brass band

VDNKh will be among the most frequented sites hosting a number of large events. The Moscow International Book Fair will unveil not only new releases and rarities, it will also offer a chance to talk to authors of modern prose. Tickets are required.

The Education City Moscow international forum goes on till 9 September. Its programme includes the 5th Congress of Moscow Teachers called “City – Time – Dialogue” dedicated to the capital’s anniversary. Educators will narrate on the megacity’s opportunities in education.

There is also a special programme in store for children. They are welcome to workshops and design and architecture classes. The Indicator in Your Plate experience-game will be held on 10 September from noon to 8 pm. Children will be told about biohacking, a new trend in science which brings biology closer to innovative technical achievements, whereas The City Farm will hold a talk about the capital’s eco system and its preservation. Young farmers will design a paper processing station. The farm will operate from 10.30 am to 8 pm. The Craft Park will offer a series of creative workshops while the Designer sites will engage in ship, aircraft and automobile modelling.

 The Zelyony Theatre invites guests to a free show of the brass band final from noon to 5 pm on 9 and 10 September. The best three music bands selected by the jury will perform on the stage. The programme will wrap up with Oleg Menshikov’s band.

The Industry square will feature artworks of the national power-saving festival #BrighterTogether. One of the main exhibits is a 15-metre-high power-saving wall. It will consist of metal structures with wind power generators inside. Shining panels with the city’s panorama will be placed at its foot where visitors will see Shukhovskaya and Ostankino towers and Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge. Also featured are glowing bicycles, a kinetic dance floor, power-saving chairs and electric benches, which will shine brighter when more people sit on them.

In addition, VDNKh guests can attend lectures and film screenings dedicated to architecture and construction, and also the Moscow Police To Muscovites! Fest, where special equipment will be shown and bands will perform. The fest will take place on 9 September from noon to 9 pm at the site next to the Worker and Collective Farmer monument.

Security is a priority

Over 10 million people are expected to come to the holiday. This is the reason why the city services will operate in an enhanced mode. Security will be ensured by 18,000 police officers, the Russian Guard and public order volunteers, over a thousand members of private security organisations, 350 officers of the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s Moscow directorate.

On duty will be 100 rescuers of the search and rescue service and 500 volunteer firefighters. Fifteen emergency fire brigades, four ships and 100 ambulance crews will also be at work.

Last year, 10 million people came to celebrate City Day, whereas in 2015 eight million turned out. Over 500 events were held at more than 205 venues.