If the metro is closed: How to move around the city at night

If the metro is closed: How to move around the city at night
Have you stayed too long at your friends’ place, or do you have a late flight or a train to catch at 3 am? We will tell you how to get from one part of the city to another using public transport.

Every night, from midnight to 5.30 am, 10 night routes operate in Moscow: nine bus routes and one tram route. There are also 24-hour-a-day routes. The usual frequency is every 30 minutes; only the B bus runs every 15 minutes.

All the night routes intersect at convenient locations and follow main roads and metro lines. Thus, night passengers can get home to the other side of the city, to railway stations or airports.

How to get there, and where to change?

The common interchange hub for the night buses H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 and M7 is at Slavyanskaya Square near Kitai-Gorod metro station. Other routes cross with them along the way.

Using the H1 bus (midnight–5 am), passengers can get from Ozyornaya Street in the south of Moscow to Sheremetyevo Airport. Along the way, passengers can get off near Yugo-Zapadnaya, Leninsky Prospekt, Lubyanka, Kitai-Gorod, Tverskaya, Mayakovskaya and Belorusskaya metro stations. Later, the bus runs along Leningradsky Prospekt parallel to the metro’s green line (Line 2).

The H2 bus (midnight–5.30 am) connects the city centre with Kutuzovsky Prospekt and Mozhaiskoye Motorway, and the H3 bus (midnight–5.30 am) goes from Kitai-Gorod metro station to Ussuriyskaya Street parallel to the metro’s Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line (Line 3).

The H4 bus runs from the city centre to the Novokosino District in the east of Moscow.

The H5 bus (11.35pm–6 am) goes from Kitai-Gorod metro station to the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road with Kashirskoye Motorway. It stops near Taganskaya, Kuzminki and Tekstilshchiki stations and then turns southward and heads to Maryino and Domodedovskaya metro stations.

The H6 bus takes passengers from Kitai-Gorod metro station to the north stations of the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line (Line 6) and Ostashkovskaya Street. Also, 24-hour-a-day buses run on route 15 going from VDNKh metro station via the city centre to the Novodevichy Convent.

The B bus operates round the clock along the clockwise and anticlockwise sides of the Garden Ring, and the M7 bus goes from Lubyanka metro station via Kitai-Gorod to Vykhino.

The night tram on route 3 only runs from 1 am to 5.30am from Chistye Prudy metro station past Paveletsky Railway Station, Tulskaya metro station and the ZIL platform to Akademika Yangelya Street in the Yuzhnoye Chertanovo District. During the day, this tram runs from Chistye Prudy metro station to Balaklavsky Prospekt.

Simple and comfortable

Night fares can be paid with the usual public transit tickets: Unified Travelcard, 90 Minute ticket, TAT ticket, and Troika Card. It costs 55–65 roubles. Those entitled to discounts on public transport enjoy the same benefits on the night routes.

Use of all-night buses and trams is up by 20 percent this summer compared with the spring. Around 250,000 people have used all-night transport since June.