A Turkish band will perform in Kuzminki Park, while an Uzbek band will give a concert at Tsaritsyno open-air museum.

Military bands that perform in the Spasskaya Tower International Military Festival will perform in Moscow parks on 2 September. Concerts will be dedicated to the 870th anniversary of the capital, said Head of the Department of Culture Alexander Kibovsky.

“There will be many events on 2 September; Spasskaya Tower participants, including bands, both Russian and foreign, will perform,” he said. According to Kibovsky, 12 concerts will take place in different parts of the city. For example, the Turkish Armed Forces band will perform at Kuzminki Park, the Uzbekistani band will give a concert at Tsaritsyno open-air museum and musicians from Egypt will play in Fili Park.

The head of the festival directorate, Sergei Smirnov, added that the foreign bands from the Spasskaya Tower Festival will also play at the main railway stations in Moscow.

This summer, military bands have already given 14 Saturday concerts at open city venues. The final performance in the Orchestras in the Park programme will be held on 19 August at Alexander’s Garden. It will include the Central Military Band of the Russian Ministry of Defence, the Model Military Band of the Guard of Honour and the band of the 154th Preobrazhensky Detached Commandant’s Regiment.

The 10th Spasskaya Tower Military Festival will be held from 26 August to 3 September on Red Square, with about 1,500 participants from 29 countries. The programme will include military, classical, folk and pop music, a military band marchpast and dance shows.

2017 is a jubilee year not only for the Spasskaya Tower Festival but also for Russian military music as a whole. Its history began in 1547, when Ivan IV (the Terrible) created the first court military brass band by his decree.

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