Moscow temperatures to break into the 30s

Moscow temperatures to break into the 30s
By Friday, the city expects a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius while over the weekend it will heat up to 30 degrees.

Muscovites will enjoy hot weather with no rain at the weekend.

According to the weather forecast, this Friday, 18 September, the temperature in the city will go up to 27-29 degrees. Saturday and Sunday afternoons will bring 30-degree heat, but the nights will cool off to between 11 and 16 degrees.

August may become the warmest month of this summer. The mean temperature last weekend was four degrees higher than the average in this climate.

Hot weather may pose a risk to seniors and people with cardiovascular diseases. They should drink more fluids, remember to take their medicine and stay inside from noon to 5 pm when the sun is the strongest.

Avoid sweet fizzy drinks and alcohol, including beer, in the hot weather. Alcohol increases body temperature and may cause dehydration.

Clothes should be loose fitting and made of natural fabrics. A hat or an umbrella can provide protection from the direct sun.