How history is made: 50 free guided tours available before City Day

How history is made: 50 free guided tours available before City Day
They will be offered daily from 12 August through 10 September.

Fifty free educational guided tours have been designed for Moscow’s 870thanniversary. Lasting between 90 minutes and two hours, the walks will follow signature routes and will be offered daily from 12 August through 10 September.

This year, City Day is dedicated to the achievements of outstanding Moscow residents, including Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Pavel Tretyakov, Marina Tsvetayeva, Alexei Bakhrushin, as well as the merchant dynasties like the Mamontovs, the Soldatyonkovs, and the Morozovs.

“It is important and interesting for us to conduct free guided tours during City Day celebrations. Our guides have prepared a series of premiere routes reflecting the city’s variety especially for the event. Each walk will be an authorial gift from Moscow historians, local lore experts, art scholars, journalists and actors,” Yevgeny Stepanov, developer of the Walking in Moscow free guided tour project, said.

For example, the “Veliky Posad: Monks, Printers and Old Nobles” tour scheduled for 12 August is dedicated to Kitai-Gorod, one of the oldest areas in the city, including the restored sections of the Kitai-Gorod wall, miraculously surviving ancient churches, and old tenement buildings. Participants in the tour will learn when the telegraph was first introduced in Moscow, how Ivan Fedorov printed his first book, who the Old Nobles were and where they hid.

There will be a “spacewalk”: The “We are the First! Moscow is Exploring” tour scheduled for 12 and 17 August and 10 September, located in a space explorers park, where the guides will talk about famous inventors and rocket designers, US-USSR rivalry, animals in space, and more.

The “Avant-Garde City beyond Mytnaya Zastava” tour scheduled for 13 August and 10 September is dedicated to early Soviet architecture (1920s-1930s) and the utopian lifestyle ideas of that time.

The phenomenal Ostozhenka Street and its environs will be toured on 31 August, with the guide showing the most expensive house in Moscow and explaining how to “goof off” properly.

A tour of streets and squares that saw Vladimir Mayakovsky is scheduled for 3 September. The guide will talk about the poet’s work, friends and family.

Meshchanskaya Sloboda, also included in a guided tour, is a special area of Moscow, where Konstantin Tsiolkovsky fell in love, Valery Bryusov suffered and wrote poetry, Viktor Vasnetsov became famous as a painter, and the factory owner Matvei Kuznetsov barely escaped with his life in a duel. This was where emigres from Poland, monks, and the retinue of Russian Grand Duke Simon the Proud lived in different periods. All of this will be covered during another guided tour, “Through Naprudnaya Sloboda towards Troitskoye Church and House. The Prominent Location of a Quiet Monastery,” scheduled for 9 September.

For details of tours, schedules and meeting places as well as tour registration, consult the website.

Moscow will celebrate its 870th anniversary this autumn. The festivities will be spread across the city from 1 to 10 September. On 9 and 10 September Tverskaya Street will host a number of themed venues, such as Moscow is Exploring, Moscow is Building, Moscow is Inventing, Moscow is Opening, Moscow is Creating, and Moscow is Setting Records.