Active citizens choose top Moskva sweets packaging designs

Active citizens choose top Moskva sweets packaging designs
Members of a professional jury will decide on the packaging of the city’s new official treat, and their choice will be announced in the run-up to City Day celebrations.

It took 165,702 Active Citizen website users 10 days to discuss 12 Moskva sweets packaging versions and to choose the top five. In the run-up to City Day celebrations, experts will announce the best packaging design for these sweets, due to become the Russian capital’s new food symbol.

Packaging version No. 2, designed by Susana Kurokhtina from Tula, received 28.76 percent of all votes, with an equal share of website users in all age categories supporting her concept.

Version No. 12, designed by Kirill Knyazev from Moscow, placed second with 16.92 percent. People aged 35-45 mostly supported it.

Version No. 9 by experts from United Confectioners’ innovations centre came third with 8.89 percent of all votes. This packaging was mostly preferred by female voters and people aged over 45.

Version No. 6, designed by Marina Zhdanovich from Minsk, finished in fourth place with 8.68 percent of all votes. It was mostly preferred by Active Citizen website users aged 18-34.

Version No. 3 by Dmitry Marinych from St Petersburg rounded out the top five with 8.16 percent of all votes. His concept was most popular with men and young voters under 18.

All other packaging designs received less than eight percent of all votes.

Version No. 1 by Nikita Ivanov from Moscow received 7.35 percent.

Version No. 7 by Sergei Yermachenkov from Minsk received 5.9 percent.

Version No. 10 from Moscow received 4.06 percent.

Version No. 8 by Alexander Lyadsky from Donetsk received 3.63 percent.

Version No. 11 by Maria Khokhlova from Moscow received 1.46 percent.

Version No. 5 by Veronika Yefimenko from Moscow received 1.45 percent.

Version No. 4 by Yevgeny Baturin from the Sverdlovsk Region received 1.13 percent of all votes.

In addition, 1.21 percent of Active Citizen website users decided that it was up to the experts to choose the packaging, with another 2.38 percent uncertain about their preferences.

The sweets’ logo, wrapping and packaging are being developed during a competition involving young designers and students from art universities.

The city is also choosing the best Moskva sweets recipe, with jury members already singling out the 10 best options from among numerous applications. People will be able to rate their choices during City Day celebrations when 100 kilograms of every sweet version will be sold.

The winners of the Moskva sweets recipe competition will be announced in the run-up to City Day celebrations. Under competition terms, the winner will cede copyright for the recipe and production rights to the Moscow Government. The recipe will be made public, just like that of the Moskva cake, another food symbol of Moscow. Any confectionery will be able to manufacture them.