New fast link between Shchyolkovskoye and Entuziastov motorways takes 7 minutes

New fast link between Shchyolkovskoye and Entuziastov motorways takes 7 minutes
Signal-less streets now allow motorists to travel between the Shchyolkovskoye and Entuziastov motorways in seven, rather than 60 minutes.

The city has opened an elevated road linking Shchyolkovskoye Motorway with the new North-East Expressway towards the Entuziastov Motorway. The road is part of the expressway’s highly important section between the Izmailovskoye and Shchyolkovskoye motorways, and there are plans to open this section in its entirery in November this year.

The elevated motorway that opened today is part of a three-level interchange at the intersection of the North-East Expressway and Shchyolkovskoye Motorway near the Cherkizovsky overpass. It also includes a left-turn exit ramp for outbound traffic entering Shchyolkovskoye Motorway from the North-East Expressway’s inner section, a right-turn exit ramp for inbound traffic entering the expressway’s outer section from Shchyolkovskoye Motorway, as well as a right-turn exit ramp for outbound traffic from the North-East Expressway onto Shchyolkovskoye Motorway plus an underpass intersecting with the motorway.

The new elevated road will make things easier for thousands of residents in eastern Moscow. Earlier, it took about 60 minutes to travel between the Shchyolkovskoye and Entuziastov motorways because of the intersections and traffic lights. From now on, drivers will be able to cross this section in 7 minutes, on average.

Drivers can transition from Entuziastov Motorway onto the expressway both from central Moscow (via an overpass spanning Elektrodny Proyezd) and from inbound routes, and then enter Shchyolkovskoye Motorway via a right-turn exit ramp and head towards the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD). The above exit ramp was opened in September 2016 with straight-through elevated roads spanning Shcherbakovskaya and Tkatskaya streets.

People living in eastern Moscow, as well as inbound traffic using Shchyolkovskoye Motorway, now have an alternative route as well. Earlier, drivers lost a lot of time due to congested traffic near Preobrazhenskaya Square. Now they can enter the elevated road from Shchyolkovskoye Motorway and reach Entuziastov Motorway and the Sokolinaya Gora district.

Perovo district residents can also use the North-East Expressway. In 2014, Perovskaya Street was extended to an elevated road spanning Shchyolkovskoye Motorway. Now drivers can reach the Sokolinaya Gora, Preobrazhenskoye, Eastern Izmailovo and Northern Izmailovo districts from Perovo. Construction of the expressway is improving the transport situation along Entuziastov Motorway, one of the most congested routes in the city. This new road now handles part of its traffic. Drivers feel more comfortable near an exit ramp to access Budyonny Prospekt. The motorway has been widened near the North-West Expressway between Budyonny Prospekt and Plekhanov Street.


Alternative solution

The North-East Expressway, part of a project to build three straight-through expressways, has replaced a Fourth Ring Road project.

The expressway will link the Businovskaya interchange and Festivalnaya Street, the section that opened in 2014, and will be extended towards the Dmitrovskoye and Yaroslavskoye motorways and cross Otkrytoye Motorway. Construction is also actively underway in southeastern Moscow: the road will extend toward an intersection between MKAD and the Veshnyaki-Lyubertsy route and the border with the Moscow Region, eventually linking up with the Moscow-Noginsk-Kazan route.

The new diagonal inter-district expressway will link the capital’s northern, eastern and southeastern districts, as well as major routes in northeastern Moscow. The expressway will also reduce congestion on outbound routes and will improve the situation in central Moscow, on MKAD, and the Third Ring Road.

The expressway sections have been completed between the Businovskaya interchange and Festivalnaya Street, and between the Izmailovskoye and Shchyolkovskoye motorways except for an underpass beneath Shchyolkovskoye Motorway. The section between the MKAD and Entuziastov Motorway is now under construction, and the work is almost complete on the section between the Entuziastov and Izmailovskoye motorways.